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Cross-Dressing Duo Shot By NSA

Talk about going out in a bizarre blaze of glory. Two men were shot, one fatally, while speeding down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in a stolen vehicle after a date-night in a local motel room, where both men dressed in wigs and female clothing and injested drugs. An accidental turn onto a government-restricted led to them being gunned down by NSA security officers. Via NYDN:

The cross-dressing man shot dead at the gates of the NSA likely took a wrong turn after a motel tryst turned into a drug-fueled joyride in a stolen SUV that ended Monday morning on the doorstep of the heavily guarded military and governmental installation, according to authorities.

The two men, both dressed as women, inside the lifted Ford Escape were shot by National Security Agency police around 9 a.m. after zooming into an exit off the Baltimore-Washington Parkway at Fort Meade, Md., reserved for cleared government employees.

The driver, identified by the FBI as 27-year-old Ricky Shawatza Hall, was killed, while 20-year-old Kevin Fleming, of Baltimore, was wounded, according to an official who identified the man to the New York Times.

An NSA police officer was injured and treated and released from the hospital Monday, the FBI said.

Cops later found cocaine and a gun inside the stolen car.

“The men were dressed as females but not in an attempt to disguise themselves from authorities,” FBI Baltimore spokeswoman Amy Thoreson said as she confirmed the incident is not thought to be terrorism.

“The vehicle failed to stop and barriers were deployed,” NSA spokesman Jonathan Freed said in a statement. Then, the driver “accelerated toward an NSA police vehicle blocking the road. NSA police fired at the vehicle when it refused to stop. The unauthorized vehicle crashed into the NSA police vehicle.”

This is the ultimate result of being entirely too turned-up.




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