*Exclusive* Did We Bid ‘The Game’ Farewell Last Night?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, that was a good episode, but was it the last one? Bossip got the scoop from Hosea Chanchez who plays Malik.

The entire cast is nervous and optimistic about this whole ordeal. I’ve been speaking with the cast and we were all really hypersensitive and didn’t really know why until yesterday, because last night’s episode might be the last that we ever see of the show. Everyone’s in a place of uncertainty. There’s no real closure to the situation. We’ll know the fate of the show in the next week (May 21st). So, right now it’s nerves and optimism. Next week it will be either joy…or depression. For me, it’s healthier to just find out. I’m the type of man that needs to know what going on in my life. I can deal with the cancellation or with the fourth season, but this lingering doesn’t really work for me that well.

Bossip folk, what did you think of last night’s show? Discuss.

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  • Big Bazz

    FIRST FOOLS!!!!!!!! XD

  • Big Bazz

    or maybe not…

  • Tisa Xiomara


  • Tisa Xiomara

    Awww shucks !

  • Tisa Xiomara

    Something is wrong with the pic. Y is there an arm over d guys leg with a helmet and no body?

  • SexxyILove

    The show was hella good last night. For the past 3 week the show has come in either 1-3 place in their key age demographic so the ratings have improved. I pray they dont cancell it thats the only black show on tv

  • Jamillah

    I hope the show will be back. Its very entertaining and one of the few shows that arent in syndication that has African-American cast members. It would be ashame if that’s the last episode.

  • Meek Meek

    I felt the show was good, but not over. I really wanted to see Kelly and Jason back together, but felt the left that situation open for next season (see how I am displaying faith). I really do believe there will be another season. I agree with LadyDeeDee, there are not hardly any black shows except for the old reruns of All of Us, Eve, Living Single. Where my people at?! Why aren’t there any good black shows?

  • carla

    that show was awesome last night. my girl kelly said tedow beotch!!!!. that was funny seeing my girl tasha knocked out. and is it me or is malik getting sexier ever show. especially last night when he was in his suit. and i was in shock when they actually got married. i had so shed a tear for that one. SO if this was the last show WAY to go OUT! Good JOB everyone. oh and thanks for the way med school mom slapped derwin silly you guys get two thumbs up!!!!!!!

  • Spewin truth

    The show was really good. I hope that they dont cancel the show, b/c Im so tired of reality tv,reality stars and all that bull. I want to see what happens with Derwin and his kid. First off the CW set the show up to fail by putting it on a Friday night, that was just dumb.

  • http://potisaallen@verizon.net tia

    The Game is my favorite show on TV right now so I hope they don’t cancell it.My only problem with the show is the way they portray Tee Tee,he’s my favorite male on the show,malik treats him like a flunky,if the show does continue they need to give Tee Tee his own storyline,he shouldn’t be maliks flunky forever,Malik needs to give his boy money to start his own business,and maybe make maliks sister his girlfriend.

  • Black Barbie

    I truly enjoyed it when Tasha got KNOCKED THE F&#(*$ OUT! Pretty depressing wedding, though.

  • Tahja

    I don’t understand why they didn’t have the live audience and there was no background music. It was like they went out thier way to try and make the show WACK. BUT at the end, I almost cried. I liked the way the wrapped it all up. I would LOVE to see this show come back, but if it ends, last nights episode was a good way to go out. Good Job guys!

  • yayo

    I love this show. I would hate to see it canceled because its one of my favorites! The storylines are juicy and fun, and I need to see Jason and Kelly back together! Come on now CW… its the best show you got.

  • Sara

    I love last night show. I really hope that the show continues 2 stay on air.
    QUESTION- Why can’t BET pick up this show??
    If things don’t work out Tia bring back Sister Sister. That was my show right there…. But leave everything in God hands and hope for the best!

  • sasha

    I loved the show, expected a little more due to the buildup but I was still happy. I want to see more shows like this, lets leave the acting to the real actors- these “fake” suppose to be “reality” shows are getting on my last nerve. Please keep The Game on!!

  • http://Bossip Candyapple17

    I love this show. I thought at one time they were talking about running this show for an hour instead of an half hour. Anyway, I hope they decide to keep this show on the air, it’s so funny.

  • Green Grass

    hope the show doesn’t get cancelled

  • Tori

    I love this show, I hope it comes back next season!

  • Smooth1

    That show was AWESOME last night, and it was a whole hour long!!! I just hope people really supported the show cause they wont be back unless they GOOD ratings!
    Overall, mel is a good women for marring darwin, even though he got another chick pregnant. Rick fox is back with Tasha and Kelly was left in the dust. She asked for it since she was the one who wanted the divorce.

  • ItsLikeWhatever

    I loved the show…but I’m not feeling the “no audience, no canned laughter” thing…I understand why they’re doing it, but it just feels weird to me-it throws the show off. Maybe they could just put a LITTLE laughter in there?

  • e-ka

    I am not a fan of the laugh track, but they didnt need to get rid of them all together!!! They just over used them before

  • malloy

    This show is horrible! It’s poorly written, acting is mediocre, and the lighting is too dim for a cast of majority-black actors.

  • CF98

    I hope its not the end but I feel it is. Regardless I think Mara knew that which is why Merwin got married in the first place. She didn’t want to leave us hanging like Girlfriends in that regard.

    Of course if they do cancel this show I hope CW goes down in flames. Merging UPN/WB into this network was a bad idea how were those two networks doing worse than this one?

  • Mrs. Rance


    My only problem with the show is the way they portray Tee Tee,he’s my favorite male on the show,malik treats him like a flunky…


    That’s because he is Malik’s flunky aka entourage. That’s his role.

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