When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Here is a nice little ass shot of Kelly Rowland doing a striptease performance at G.A.Y. in London. Too bad for Kelly, we think she got the sex sells memo just a little late. For some reason there is nothing “stimulating” about these pics at all. Well at least she’s trying. Poor Thang.

Former DESTINY’S CHILD star KELLY ROWLAND hopes to transform herself into a dance diva with the help of Scottish DJs MYLO and CALVIN HARRIS.

The singer is desperate to shed her R&B image and is currently visiting London’s top nightclubs in a bid to change her sound. And the 26-year-old is keen to seek help from two of Scotland’s top producers. She says, ‘I’m keen to find out more about Calvin Harris and Mylo. I’ve heard very good things about them. “I’d be totally up for seeing what they could do with my music.

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  • Reformed GammaRay

    Po thang…

  • Kick Rocks!

    i like her! i want her to do good

  • New to Ri

    That’s one dumb chick……po thang is right…this could have gone under JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!

  • gap & gucci

    this is strange

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Told ya’ll I was gonna bump like theeIS! yeah bump yo self right off the charts.. get it together Kizzy RowRow..

  • http://KingTaharka.com KingTaharka

    The link is broke can’t see the last two pics

  • Londie

    I like her too, but right now she is really looking desperate. I guess she’s following the can’t sing so I’ll get naked trend. Where’s Michelle?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlWNBCPkiWQ leave it be(weave free)

    i just dont understand the outfit……

  • Da_Truth

    yall can hate all yall want but BS aside she really looking good quit hating on her so much

  • Pistol Pete

    Too bad for Kelly, we think she got the sex sells memo just a little late.

    she was taking the Holy route,god is good not at all times so let Satan take over once in a while

  • dayg715

    she is officially a loser now. poor thang.

  • Reality Check

    u can call her the loser and all this other stuff but whose the one sitting on their ass hating .. not Kelly she’s out having fun hate it r love it

  • New to Ri

    Her single is like # 7 on the UK chart though…but I agree…she got the sex sells MEMO too LATE….she has a lot of support in Europe, she needs to find herself and be herself…instead of a programmed lap dog…noone respects those!

  • idontknow

    shes doing just fine

    support a blog


  • Kim

    Here shape is SCREWED!! in this ourfit! She is trying way to hard!!!!!!

  • Kim

    I meant OUTFIT!! MY BAD!!!

  • metis

    hey it was at a GAY club!!!!her outfit was JUST RIGHT!

    go ms Kelly!!!you look HOT!!

  • Shootingstar

    She couldn’t find something sexier than that? It’s probably house of de-wrong.

  • http://myspace.com/jaerisk jaerisk

    Yea it’s over yo, let’s get that playboy deal signed already, get babygirl some paper.

  • My $.02

    Poor thang indeed!

  • http://sheexhaledtoo.blogspot.com The Night Blogger

    Po’ thang (x’s 100)!

  • keely

    kelly doesnt need to perform…she has millions. she needs to just retire and fall back because she isn’t solo artist material.

  • BABY

    she wants to be Beyonce so bad…

  • kai

    shes dumb…

  • DM

    She will do anything for a career, except drop Matthews Knowles as a manager.

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