End of Days: Father Eats Son’s Eyes Out

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A man in Bakersfield got so wet, police believe he ate out his four year old sons eyes. Pop the top for more

“It was pretty bizarre,” said neighbor Ramon Rodriguez.Rodriguez was one of the first to discover 34-year-old Angelo Mendoza on April 28 after police said Mendoza bit an eyeball out of his 4-year-old son’s face and ate it.”The guy was crazy. Real bug-eyed; he had to be on drugs,” said Rodriguez.

Court documents said neighbors checked on Mendoza’s son, Angelo Jr., after they noticed the father acting nervously and fleeing from his east Bakersfield apartment in his wheelchair. Inside, they found little Angelo naked and bleeding. Police said the boy had numerous bites to his hands and his eyes were swollen shut. Doctors said the boy’s left eye and muscle were completely missing. His other eye was mutilated beyond repair. The boy told them, “My daddy ate my eyes out.” Rodriguez said meanwhile Mendoza approached him at a neighbor’s vacant house down the street. Rodriguez said the boy’s father wheeled himself into the front yard and asked Rodriguez to play with him and a pet dog. He was wearing boxers and a sweater. When Rodriguez refused, Mendoza got off his wheelchair and dragged himself into a back yard, where he found an ax.

By then Mendoza had stripped naked. He chained himself to a tree in the back yard and began hacking at his leg with a pickax while yelling incoherently. “He told me to look into the sun and pray with him. I was kinda scared for a minute,” said Rodriguez.
Then Rodriguez jumped on Mendoza and wrestled the ax away. “As soon as I grabbed the ax he tried to bite me, and I had to hold him down with my knee. There was dry blood around his mouth. I don’t know if it was his own, but I’m pretty sure it was his son’s now that I hear the story,” said Rodriguez. The police report said Mendoza appeared to be under the influence of PCP. Rodriguez said had he known about little Angelo, the outcome would have been different. “I would’ve just let him cut his leg off. What happened to his son is not right. I would’ve left him alone,” said Rodriguez.

Mendoza was arrested on charges of torture, aggravated mayhem, and cruelty to a child. The toddler is now in the custody of Child Protective Services. Mendoza is due in court May 20. His bail is set at $1 million.

Jesus take the wheel and be with this child, the father can fry for all we care. SMH


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  • what in the, huh?

    What is the world coming to?


    PLEASE use the DEATH PENALTY on this piece of shit!!


    That sh*t is crazy,the father will be everybody’s prey in prison. He’ll sure get his

  • http://BOSSIP MEME


  • bianca

    This is downright demonic…reminds me of the shyte I read Mayans did back in the day.WOW!

  • Bajansparkle

    These days people do some weird shit.The neighbour should have definitely let him cut his foot off!!!

  • Serene

    i’m seriously at a loss for words

  • http://dancehallreggae.com/forum The Sniper


  • Anonymous

    This is one of the most HORRIFIC stories I have ever heard.

  • http://Bossip Candyapple17


  • brian

    I am so sad that I read this story. Sad beyond belief. Nothing is good in the news these days absolutely nothing. Better to read the bible

  • nyob

    What is going on in California? We have this fool eating his child’s eyes out and recently some fool had his 7 year old child forcibly tattooed with his gang’s symbol. What in the hell? This is sad beyond belief.

  • http://yahoo.com KIA SAID:

    Lost for words….

  • brian

    I just researched this. Apparently this is not the first case. Check this link out on the case of rapper Big Lurch who did the exact same thing under the influence of PCP. THE SIMILARITIES ARE SHOCKING


  • LeahLeah

    PCP will have you doing some crazy stuff. I read a story a couple of years ago when a rapper ate his roommates lungs while on PCP.

  • ValleyGirl

    Yet people worry about gay parents – the concern should center around *good* parents. Just because one has the ability, does not mean they are fit to breed.

  • http://thediamondtrail.wordpress.com Made in NYC

    For those who aren’t convinced that the devil is real, well, here’s your proof . . .


    Pardon me while I R.A.A.A.A.L.P.H.

  • 2am

    Schizo and High

  • 4real


  • Whut??

    @luvgossip – I agree. I am so sorry I took time to read this. I’m absolutely sick now. May God’s protection and blessing go with this little boy for the rest of his life. Amen

  • NYC Gal - The Original

    Thats that voodoo

  • Whatchaknoboutdat?

    That kid will NEVER recover emotionally from that… he said “my dad ate my eyes out” — how sad is that!?!?!

    God bless him….

  • always knew

    No comment, this story is so disgusting and sick.

    If you don’t want to be a parent, don’t have children….PERIOD.

    SMMH 😦

  • http://none Kingjames II

    Breatless and speechless

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