LeToya Luckett : Beyonce and Matthew Knowles Did Me Wrong

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On a new special to be aired on Entertainment Chanel “E!”, LeToya and LaTavia talk about what really went down when they were given their walking papers by Matthew Knowles. Letoya says she couldn’t pay her cell phone bill while Beyonce was driving a Jaguar after Destiny Child took off. Click here to watch the video.

Matthew Knowles says “since Kelly and Beyonce were doing all the singing, it wouldn’t make a difference if Letoya and LaTavia were replaced.” Beyonce can be seen on the video saying, “the bad seeds are now out of Destiny Child”. SMH, when you listen to Letoya, it’s hard to accept she was this evil and lazy person that the Knowles clan try to paint her as.

Back in 2002, a former Knowles associate filed a lawsuit against Matthew Knowles accusing him of blowing $32 million from Destiny Child on coke and hookers. Matthew Knowles admitted to Star magazine that he did have a history of using coke and spending money on hookers.

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    I think Beyonce is a very good singer but when you are in a group you cannot be selfish. Beyonce had solo songs on the destiny childs album which was dead wrong. The girls should have knew better than to have one singers dad as their manager. But I am glad Latonya is doing her thing and I support her. Did anyone else take notice that Beyonce was always in the middle whenever you saw the group and she always song the most. I think she used this group to get her start and she knew all along that she wanted to be solo. She portrays herself as a good hearted person but her actions show different when it came to her long time friends.

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