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15 Celebrities Who Faced Racial Profiling

You don’t think we get profiled regardless of who we are? Just look at all of these celebrities of color who were profiled and treated terribly by police. Don’t sleep on what’s happening in America.

Rob Brown – He filed a lawsuit against Macy’s for profiling him when he was trying to shop there. SMH.

Chris Rock – He’s filmed himself getting pulled over three times over the last few weeks for DWB.

Jay Z – He rapped about being pulled over by a racist cop on “99 Problems” and said it was a true story.

Isaiah Washington – While telling the story of how Chris Rock should get a Prius or whatever, Washington spoke about the time he was harassed by a cop while with his kids.

Wendell Pierce – He told a chilling story about cops pulling guns on him while he was with his kids.

Henry Louise Gates – He was arrested for trying to get into his own house and it was a sad sight to see.

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Danny Glover – He filed a lawsuit against the New York Taxi services because he felt like they were discriminating against him.

Oprah – She was denied entry to the Hermes store in Paris because she was told that they had trouble with “African” patrons.

Barack Obama – He’s mentioned that he’s been profiled and pulled over unjustly in the past…before he was a senator of course.

Tyler Perry – He took a left turn and ended up pulled over and roughed up by police. He took to his Facebook page to vent.

Questlove – He said that he was pulled over and had his car searched while he was put in the back of a police car.

Forest Whitaker – He was frisked at a deli in New York and was never given an apology.

Don Lemon – Even though he loves Stop And Frisk, he was once accused of shoplifting and roughed up.



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