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Posted by Bossip Staff

Everyone was partying in Vegas this weekend including Ashanti at Pure and Floyd Mayweather, Reggie Bush, and Kim Kardashian at Prive. Where apparently Floyd Mayweather and Zab Juddah had a “who could ball out more” competition. The two were battling on how many bottles bought and how many dollars were thrown in the air. Two grown ass men battling on who could make it rain the hardest…what a waste.

Ashanti hosted a party at Pure looking real good:

View more pics under the hood…

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  • Shootingstar

    Ashanti looks good and very happy.

  • i love..."Snickers"

    Ashanti looks cute, I like the dress………

  • Boris

    reggie bush is playing himself…hope he enjoys his 15 minutes

  • Marquis de Sade

    Kim is looking as radiant as ever. Reggie’s a lucky man.

  • leave it be(weave free)

    i love the dress ashanti is wearing….

  • Lisa


  • Reformed GammaRay

    Well OKAAY Ashanti for that ensemble! very cute outfit.

    KimK, hanging on desperately clinging, lol!

    they all prolly chilled later and pig’d out on her sweet potato souffle..lmao!!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Ashanti looks so cute!!! Love the ‘fit…

    Kim K’s sister needs to back away from Mayweather…or else. LMAO I kid, I kid!!!

  • Stringer Bell

    Dang Ashanti can get it!!

    Shout out to the girls who thinks her days are cool without me!! hehehehe

  • VictoriousOne...

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Ashanti…

    She made it rain on Kim Kardashian and her Fake TITS and ASS!

    Kims tits look faker by the day.

  • Laila

    aww shanti looks pretty here! and those shoes are fly..

  • VictoriousOne...

    oh and Reggie Bush isn’t that damn cute anyway.

  • TT

    Ashanti looks pretty & Im loving her outfit

    This is the FIRST pic I have seen of Kim & Reggie where Kim isnt trying to slob him down to justify hes her man….she must have gotten my memo 🙂

  • jenna

    Kim looks great!!! She is just a truely gorgeous, exotic woman, her and Reggie must have a great life!

  • jjones


  • Jay

    damn my wife ashanti is lookin GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD..nelly better fall BACK! lol

  • DM

    Ashanti’s outfit looked cheap. How can she afford to throw a party?

    Please no more Reggie/Kim sightings. She is a tramp, just like Halle. Enough !!!

  • bree

    who is the unidentified chick with floyd, reggie & kim?..she looks alot like lindsay lohan..

    ashanti looks ok..but i lOOOOOOve the dress

  • Dat dUde

    ashanti look better than usual she can get it!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    My girl Ashanti is lookin hot hot hot!!!

  • LO

    I like Ashanti good for her… Kim K on the other hand need to STOP using sharpies for her eyebrows she looks a mess.

  • Dr. Elle Rae

    I hate Ashanti, I’m sure that the vocals at this party were bananas (and terrible), but I love the outfit. I wish she could teach her little sister shi shi to use the same stylist as she did…

  • The Truth

    kim k

    loves black folks.

  • Black Beauty

    I like Ashanti’s shoes but something is off with her face. The dress is too short.

    Reggie is looking busted these days. I thought he didn’t drink? Why is he holding a bottle.

    Please stop with the “Kim is gorgeous, exotic…” crap. That chick is average at best.

  • Lucy

    Ashanti does look good. She looks great

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