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Student Suspended From University Of South Carolina Over Racist Snapchat

Her parents must be so proud.

Via WISTV reports:

A student at the University of South Carolina has been suspended after a photo of the student who appeared to be writing a racial slur went viral Friday.

The photo, which appears to be taken from Snapchat and posted on several social media sites, shows a list of reasons why “USC’s WiFi blows.” On the top of that list is the N-word.

The University of South Carolina said it actually took place inside a study room.

President Harris Pastides said the student was suspended Friday and a code of conduct investigation has begun.

The course of action endorsed was also endorsed by the Board of Trustees, Pastides said.

“The unfortunate and disappointing act of a student in a study room has challenged the Carolina community to reflect on our values and tell the world what we believe,” Pastides said in a statement. “Respect for all is at the heart of the Carolinian Creed, the code by which we agree to abide. Racist and uncivil rhetoric have no place at the University of South Carolina.”

The student, who was not named, could also face expulsion.

Following the incident the NAACP released the following statement:

“A recent tweet that shows a student at the University of South Carolina listing the N-word as one of her grievances against the institution brings to mind a famous quote attributed to the French writer Alfonse Karr, “the more things change, the more they remain the same”.

Such negative attitudes have existed since the first European explorers visited the land we now call America. It is disappointing but no longer shocking to see a college student following what appears to be a growing trend in our state and nation. Scenes such as this while captured in still shots from time to time through social media, sadly reflect what people of color often experience in many communities. In the midst of the positive portrayal of University of South Carolina students over the past several weeks, we once again face a stark reality: even at our highest points as a society there are those among us – including the young – who wish they were still in Dixie.

This is why the NAACP cannot compromise, must not relent in its pursuit of dignity, justice and equality for all people in America.”

The student shown in the photo has yet to say anything publicly about the incident.

There goes that theory that only old people are racist… SMH. Do you think they should expel her?




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