SMH: Garbage Truck Crushes Florida Man To Death After He Falls Asleep In Dumpster

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Garbage Truck Kills Man Who Fell Asleep In Dumpster

The man who was found dead Wednesday at a Volusia County landfill died from blunt force drama, according to an autopsy that was completed Thursday.

My News 13 reports:

Ronald Lantery, 51, of Key West, was found at the county’s Tomoka Farms Landfill facility, located on Tomoka Farms Road, near Port Orange.

The death is being ruled accidental, deputies said.

Based on the investigation, it’s believed Lantery was sleeping in a commercial dumpster used to collect cardboard and paper products.

The man was subsequently crushed to death when the dumpster was emptied into the refuse truck for delivery to the landfill.

The 911 call reporting the body found came around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday from a worker inside the Gel Recycling building.

“I have a dead body that came in on one of the trucks,” the caller said.

According to investigators, Lantery’s body was found surrounded by recycled garbage inside the landfill. A Waste Pro truck picked up those recyclable items in the Daytona Beach area.

Waste Pro spokesman Ron Pecora said the truck that picked up the garbage was using a front-end loader. The truck drives up to the garbage bin, picks up the bin, swings it over and dumps the garbage inside the truck.

With that type of garbage pickup, the driver never looks inside, so the driver of the truck never knew he also picked up a body until he deposited the garbage at Gel Recycle Inc.

Don’t fall asleep in dumpsters, kids!

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