See You In My Nightmares: Woman Says This Dream Made Her Slit Her Husband’s Throat…

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Woman Slashes Husband’s Throat

An Ohio woman is facing attempted murder charges after authorities say she sliced her husband’s throat from ear to ear.

Her defense? She was dreaming about filleting fish. 
WTVO 9 reports:

A Dillonvale woman charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault after authorities say she claimed she was dreaming about filleting a fish when she sliced her husband’s throat in his sleep went before a Jefferson County judge for her arraignment Monday.

Bond was set at half a million dollars for Judy Jones, 44, in a shocking case of domestic violence that authorities say could have ended in murder if the couple’s daughter hadn’t acted. “She made threats that she was going to kill him,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. “

And she almost did early Saturday morning. So she’s been charged now with the prosecutor handling the case got her charged with felony 1s and 2 for attempted murder and aggravated assault.”

This all happened at the family’s home at 19 2nd Street in Dillionvale and Abdalla said this isn’t the first time Judy Jones thought about killing her husband.

Abdalla says Jones’ daughter told investigators her mother had been planning this for about a year, and that 16-year old girl’s call to 911 immediately after it happened likely saved her father’s life. Thomas Jones, 49, is in the hospital recovering.

“He’s got stitches from almost (ear to ear) so we just have to wait for it to go through the court system,” Abdalla said. Investigators said Judy Jones eventually changed her story and admitted trying to kill her husband. She told the court she can’t afford a lawyer. She’ll be back in court again Wednesday afternoon.

Do you believe her or her daughter who said she’d been plotting the murder for months???WTVO

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