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Denver High School Students Outraged After Administration Hangs Posters Outlining “101 Things Black & Latina Girls Should Know”

Martin Luther King Jr. Early College in Denver recently decided to launch a poster campaign, seemingly to serve as reminders and tips for students at the school on how to be their best selves.

However, instead of giving pointers on proper behavior for all students, the school district instead decided to single out minorities — throwing a bunch of racial stereotypes at its female Black & Latina student body, such as instructing them to watch the twerking and wear less makeup. SMH. Via MailOnline:

A poster campaign at a Denver high school has caused outrage among students who’ve deemed the content grossly offensive and racially insensitive.

The posters, entitled 101 Things Black And Latina Girls Should Know, appeared earlier this week at Martin Luther King Jr. Early College in the Green Valley Ranch area of the Colorado capital.

While few doubt that the poster was created with good intentions, many students felt the execution was so poor that they complained to administrators.

As the title suggests, the poster was filled with supposedly well intentioned advice for minority female students.
A number of the messages were quite positive statements such as ‘your body is beautiful just the way it is’, but other more offensive ones included:

Wearing too much makeup looks like a clown.

Twerkin’ and grinding ain’t cute.

Experience holding a book (not a kindle or reading on the internet) this is so important for you to remember
how far you have come as Black and Brown people

Oh, but the school didn’t just have some choice racist advice for the girls. They also saw fit to include 101 things men of color need to be mindful of, as they see it:

A separate poster created by the school was called 101 Things Every Young Man Of Color Should Know. It too included a number of offensive and stereotypical messages including ‘There are easier ways to make money than playing professional sports or rapping’.

‘That’s highly offensive, that’s pretty derogatory toward very specific groups of people,’ student Victor Corrl said.

The controversial posters have been taken down and the school district has said that it is reviewing the situation.

Guess the school district doesn’t think the White or Asian kids have any areas to improve on. SMH.



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