Diddy Does Miami Beach

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Jamie Foxx and “Devilish” Diddy supposedly throw some of the wildest parties in the entertainment world. We have a inside look into one of them below, via Karmaloop.

Pop it and watch it.
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  • michelle

    first!!! i think? anyway, diddy is a fraud , scam and a damn fool! thats all i have to say!

  • michelle

    p.s. girl in cheetah outfit is certified groupie!

  • You already know

    Is this is white party??? Oh no thats just all the chicks in rotation. It must be true, black men aint checkin for no brown sistas. I don’t even see very many Latinas yall. Straight swirl all the way around…thats kind of how it was in Miami when i went tho. VERY segregated

  • http://perttyblackg@netscape.com prettyblackg

    love diddy

  • welfare violin

    fudge cicracrock. I prefer effen vodka. Isn’t Jay Electronica Badu;s latest baby daddy with his jackolantern teeth.

    despise diddy he’s a true blue asshat

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • kazi

    Diddy ain’t looking for no women, he’s on the search for the fellows.

  • speakmymind

    I only counted about 3 sisters in this party. P-Shitty is so fake. I heard about this type of stuff going on with him before.UGH!!!

  • fg

    cant hate on diddy .dude is forty and still balling like a 20 yr old.he is an inspiration to us all.

  • goo-goo

    dude is str8 80’s…with the faded colored box hair cut and the stone-wash jean jumper!! wow!!

  • goo-goo

    diddy & jaime fox dont let black girls party with them, especially in the v.i.p. no black girls.

  • Woudat X

    no sistas up in that?! SMDH. looks like an undercover DL party… the chicks are the decoy!

  • Woudat X

    @ Trust Me

    I concur

  • Woudat X

    @ goo goo

    ya done know…..


    I would luv to f*ck diddy, think it time I do this infamous white party

  • yadig

    that party looks wack as hell

  • Whatever

    fg said:

    “cant hate on diddy .dude is forty and still balling like a 20 yr old.”


    I don’t quite understand this statement. I don’t know *ANY* 20 year old “ballers”. Seriously…all the ballers that I know personally are 40 and up.

    In *real life* money usually comes with time and wisdom. Don’t let TV fool you…

    About the clip…the party looked pretty fun. I would’ve totally gone had I been invited. But I WISH black people wouldn’t use “The N-Word” in front of other races.



    Indeed.If you’re age 20 and “ballin”…In all likelihood you’re doing it on “family money”.In which case-NO ONE is impressed.


    At least he had the sense to have Felix Da House Cat & Armand Van Helden spinning the party.Diddy’s “music” is unbearable.

  • P.Diddy
  • Da Angel

    I like Diddy

  • Moreaces

    Hate may be to strong a word,, but i strongly dislike this dude.

  • Dakota Brown

    Did he say the n-word at the end on that microphone?

    The women are too skinny and pale and the men all look like wack Kanye wannabees

  • Joja86

    Yeah this is kinda of late. Anywho, I see the Retro Kids are everywhere.

  • http://ShrinkPictures GoodKarma4Me

    That party looks wack!!!

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