Coupled Up: D-List Love Edition

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Eva Pigford Marcelle and her boo actor Lance Gross attended Crustacean’s Ten Year Anniversary with Performance by Natalie Cole in Beverly Hills. They look like a genuine couple which is kinda hard to find these days.

More images from that event:

More images right about now…

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  • idontknow
  • andrea

    who is dania crustacean?

    eva is really reminding me of terrance howard in this picture. she’s still pretty though!!

  • DROCK Still Luvs Her Some Mint Conditon!!


  • Dalia

    Ooooweee, saw Lance Gross at the Essence festival in New Orleans walking around with Allen Payne. This guy in person is unbelievable! His pictures just don’t do him justice.

    Lucky Eva.

  • Mo'Ree

    Who? Who?

  • ms jazz
  • Soul Cry

    Angela and Courtney look so good together.

  • Southern Belle 225

    they look good together. Isn’t he the guy from House of Payne? did anyone check out the expression of the guy in the background of the evan ross photo?

  • imdone

    Crustacean is a famous restaurant in Beverly Hills.

  • Mackaty Mack Mat

    eva and danielle were the only ones to have DESERVED to win antm .. i’m glad tyra didn’t hate too much to let them shine .. but eva is doing her thang .. loves her!

  • Bird

    Eva seems to get more pretty every day. Natalie Cole looks fabulous also. Who’d have known a girl version of Nat King Cole would be a cutie.

  • Bruh' Man

    who is dania crustacean?


    That is Dania Ramirez fine ass. You know, Kerry Washington’s gril in She Hate Me?

  • Bonnie

    Did they start dating before or after she was on House of Payne?

  • Bruh' Man

    BTW – I sure hope my wife looks as good as Natalie Cole when she is 50+

    After the yay and all she looks great!

  • Big C Here

    Is it me or does she look like she could be Terrence Howards twin sister?

  • Big C Here

    Sorry Andrea didn’t read you post …damn it to hell!

  • Sensitivity

    yes, they do look geniune. not all that making out every time they see a camera is around.

  • Lili

    Good for Eva; he is pretty damn hot.


    I thought Eva was going to really blow up….

    she need to aim higher and hook up with Omar epps or Columbus Short or somebody

    well atleast she is the only top model that we still hear about.

  • Stoli_A

    confuse me much?? cuz I’m sure I’m looking at photos of her and her girlfriend in my album.

  • gap & gucci

    who the hell is lance gross?

  • msblu

    oops, I meant to say maybe

  • Tevin Campbell

    he is soooo gay.

    ain’t all men Tyler put in his plays and movies gay i mean really. they always all big and oilly and muscled up.(gay eye candy)

    i wonder what the “auditions” consist of.

  • jen

    Is it me or does Lance look alittle soft in that photo?

  • nico

    Lance is not gay or soft…I went to school with him and from what I hear…100% MAN! lol

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