BOSSIP Exclusive: Lamar Sally May Have Had Baby With Sherri Shepherd To Secure His Financial Future

- By Bossip Staff

Former Roommate Wanted To Warn Sherri Shepherd To Stay Away From Sally

Lamar Sally saw Sherri Shepherd as a come up and may be using his baby son to squeeze cash out of his moneybags ex, BOSSIP has learned.

A source once close to Sally has come forward to paint a picture of the former Mr. Sherri Shepherd out of step with his media portrayal as a jilted husband left caring for a baby Shepherd abandoned after their divorce.

“There’s not a lot of good I can say about Lamar,” the source, who lived with Sally for nearly a year and asked not to be identified, told BOSSIP. “He is disgusting. He is very arrogant and ignorant. He is not a compassionate person. He is very ‘get mine.’”

“It’s not outside of his personality that he wanted to set it up that he had a meal ticket.”

For example, the source said when Sally’s diabetic mother came to visit, he carried on going out partying like normal, and had her sleep on the couch.
“I was like, wow, you couldn’t even give her the bed?” the source said. “It was a cheap couch. It’s not anywhere you’d want your mother to sleep.”

And when it came to dating, the source said Sally was predatory.
“He dated a bit, but it was such a user-friendly kind of thing,” the source said. “There was a lot of ‘how can you lift me to a higher caste?”

“I can’t imagine him falling in love with anybody,” the source added. “Maybe he fell in love with the baby.”

We’ve reached out to Sally for comment.

Shepherd and now ex-husband Sally are continuing their court battle over who is the mother of their baby. A Pennsylvania judge is set to decide this month whether Shepherd, surrogate Jessica Bartholomew or an unknown egg donor are the legal mother of eight-month-old Lamar Sally Jr.

The source met Shepherd once at a Los Angeles wig store, and Shepherd told the source she was moving to New York City to be on “The View.” The source didn’t stay in touch with her, but wishes that they’d told her to stay away from Sally.
“She did good getting away from him,” the source said. “There’s a better man for her.”

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