Ex-NFL Baller Says His Mom Demanded $1 Million For “Raising Him” After Getting Drafted

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NFL Player Phillip Buchanon Reveals Mom Demanded $1 Million For Raising Him

Ex-NFL player Phillip Buchanon said once he was drafted into the league, his mom decided to bill him for her parenting hours to the tune of $1 million.

Buchanon details the story and his life after suddenly receiving millions after getting drafted to play in the NFL.

Via UPI reports:

“When I got to the NFL, I was all dollars and no sense,” he told FOX Sports. “I want to make sure the next generation of athletes doesn’t make the same mistakes.”

One of these mistakes was how he let the money change his familial relationships.

“Soon after the draft, she told me that I owed her a million dollars for raising me for the past 18 years. Well, that was news to me. If my mother taught me anything, it’s that this is the most desperate demand that a parent can make on a child. The covenant of having a child is simply that you give your child everything possible, and they owe you nothing beyond a normal amount of love and respect. There is no financial arrangement.”

His mother had said he owed her a million dollars before but now he had money, she was serious about collecting.

“My mother had said my debt to her was a million dollars before, but this time she was more serious than ever. If you do the math, one million dollars divided by 18 years of raising me was approximately $55,555.55 a year in restitution. Except, at age 17 I decided to move out of my mom’s house, choosing to live with a close friend and his father because I no longer felt secure in my own home. Why, you ask? Because my mother let people come in and out of our house and take what they wanted. So technically, even if we went by her logic, I only owed her $944,444.44 for her services over 17 years.”

He did buy his mother a home, which is not unusual for NFL players. But instead of selling her old home, she rented it and took the profits. Buchanon ended up paying both mortgages and the maintenance costs.

You can check out more from Phillip Buchanan in his book ‘New Money: Staying Rich’. Going broke helping your greedy azz friends and family is never the move, young ballers!

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