“The Queen Of IRS Tax Fraud” Reveals Why She Stole $20 Million And Bragged About It On Facebook

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Queen Of Tax Fraud Says She Stole Money Because Of Bad Childhood

We reported last year on mother of three, Rashia Wilson, who bragged on social media after tole about $20 million from the IRS, had been jailed for 21 years. The Fraud Queen recently opened up about how she fell into the life of crime and how she’s trying to better her life now…

Via Tampa Bay reports:

Rashia Wilson denies that she grew up to dub herself the queen of tax refund fraud on Facebook.

But she did enjoy the Audi, the big TV, the house, the parties and feeling special over a $2,000 Louis Vuitton bag, a lifestyle she maintained by stealing the identities of scores of victims.

“It feels good not to be that little girl at the beginning of the school year wearing the same dirty clothes and shoes from last year,” she said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, the first since her 2012 federal arrest.

“And, basically, to be able to buy everybody shoes.”

Wilson, a 29-year-old mother of three, may be the most vilified beneficiary of stolen-identity tax-refund fraud in the region. A judge recently sentenced her to 21 years at the urging of federal lawyers who said she publicly bragged about claiming tax refunds in other people’s names.

“Such behavior requires a significant sentence in order to provide a deterrent effect to others who might seek to emulate the defendant,” prosecutor Sara Sweeney told U.S. District Judge James S. Moody Jr.

The 21-year term was one the stiffest penalties to grow out of such investigations nationally. Wilson’s co-defendant, Maurice Larry, who spent tax money to chrome plate a Camaro, got 141/2 years. The U.S. Attorney’s Office considered Wilson a tax-fraud leader and organizer; not so for Larry.

No jury heard the evidence because both took plea deals, but investigators reported finding thousands of names and Social Security numbers.

Prosecutors said Wilson and Larry tried to steal at least $11 million and succeeded in taking at least $3.1 million. In a plea agreement, they admitted to theft of $2.24 million.

Do you think 21 years in prison is excessive for the “Queen Of IRS Tax Fraud” or is the government making an example out of her?

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