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Thirsty Old Madonna’s Most Ridiculous Attempts To Get Attention

Madonna is one of the biggest all-time attention slores. It used to be cool in the 90s, but she’s way beyond relevance now. She’s just searching for some semblance of hope. But it’s just getting sad. Her are some of her most attention slore-y moments.

Wearing This Grill Because YOLO


When She Had Her Young Tenderoni She Tried To Show Off

This Outfit

This Isn’t Her Looking For Attention, She Just Looks Like A Creature So There’s That

When She Called Her Son The N-Word On Instagram

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Lifting Her Crusty Leg Just To Sign A Contract

When She Took It As A Compliment When People Said She Was Part Of The Illuminati

Doing This To Nas

Kissing Drake – She kissed Drizzy in order to appear young and relevant, but she basically just yanked his soul from his body in the most disgusting way possible.


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