Drake Concert in Chi-Town Erupts in Violence

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, Drake just came out and someone got shot at his concert. With this ish going down, Drake’s on his way to platinum status now. Pop the lid for vid of the fight

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A man was injured following a shooting after a Drake concert at House of Blues Chicago early Saturday (May 16) morning.

Reports indicated that a 21-year-old male was shot in the buttocks at approximately 4:00 AM, during which time over 1,000 fans were making their way out of the venue.

Witnesses at the show said Drake got on stage at around 3:00 AM and performed a 45-minute set, when multiple fights broke out in the club.

At that point, the concert-goers were ordered to leave the venue. Following this, an altercation outside of the venue lead to a shooting.

The victim was treated for the wound at Northwestern Hospital, while the gunman remains unknown.

Drake canceled an after-party appearance as a result of the violence.

Detectives are currently investigating, and no one was in custody as of Saturday evening.

We can’t go nowhere without something going down. Ridiculous. SMH


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  • facefacts

    Lovin the Drake baby you the BEST!!!!

  • dtowngirl


  • Smoovee Sayz

    Im sorry about that man getting shot…
    They were supposed to cap Yung Berg!!
    Guess another slap to the dome will have to do for now.

  • steve


  • Avatar

    People got agitated when Drake didn’t get on stage til 3… for future reference, people, more crime is apt to happen that late.

  • Yo!

    Dang! Drake performed in DC sat night too!! Making moves…

  • john hope franklin

    who is this dude?

  • Miss32Flavors

    Even if he did perform 3 hours late, nobody shoulda been shooting. It’s not even that serious. Why would somebody be willing to risk another person’s life because a nicca showed up to his concert late?!

  • Just Sayin

    Niccas wil be Niccas…

  • tash

    Who is this dude? what relevance does he have in hip hop? why is he trying to get in? what is hes purpose, what is he about? What does he stand for? if these questions cant be answered he shouldnt be in. Does he even like women?? hum i heard otherwise …but i wont start rumours …about mr canadian using his parents money trying to buy a place in hip hop. Till i hear worthy music with substance and know for a fact hes not gay then i’ll pay an interest.

  • Nigga Said

    @ Smoovee Sayz: Are you saying that you are responsible for the shooting and you missed your intended target?

  • Toxicity (Wonders if Swizz is taking backshots from Alicia Keys)

    I agree that Drake should of been punctual but the shooting is not his fault. His lateness might have incited tempers and his tardiness might have indirectly caused the situation to worsen.

    That rest of it is on the hands of the promoters, club owners, and security. Of course the idiot that did the shooting is definitely to blame here.

  • beauty001

    drake is so cute…

  • last dayz

    The media kills me trying to put everything on the artist. They come to do their jobs. They can’t control the fools in the crowd. It is not celebrities responsible to raise your children.

  • Toxicity (Wonders if Swizz is taking backshots from Alicia Keys)

    @ New York

    Who is hating on Drake? I find him refreshing and interesting. I have been aware of him for a long time. Think Degrassi…he was always making his own money consistently through acting. His music career is finally coming to mainstream. I wouldn’t go so far to say BEST ARTIST EVER definitely better than Lil Wayne as far as quality.

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Oh wow, I didn’t know there was a shooting. The fight seemed kinda mellow….all the girlies wer elike….”DONT EVEN TRIP BOO, U KNOW I GOTCHU!!!!”

  • Murdah

    In the wake of Soulja Boy and Gucci Man, I think Drake’s tracks are a refreshing change from the ignorant sh*t being played today.

  • Jason B. Real

    I would like to see Drake battle Joe Budden, Immortal Technique, Saigon, Serius Jones, and some other rappers who deserve more shine than him.

  • The Consigliere

    wow this dude had a show RIGHT before this and he still managed to show up…most other artists would have cancelled, but Drake showed give him a break…and you can’t blame the fights on Drake his music is not that “hypnotic donkey music” that is laced with gunplay…and LOL@ the person who says drake should battle joe budden LMAO Joe ended his carreer when he called out method man

  • john hope franklin

    again who is this dude??

  • Toxicity (Wonders if Swizz is taking backshots from Alicia Keys)

    Don’t get angry at Drake because some no good fools ruined the party!


  • Big Homie

    Drake has a lot more material than ‘so far gone’ and a verse on ‘every girl’.

  • Big Homie

    Drake has a lot more material than ‘so far gone’ and a verse on ‘every girl’.

  • Mrs. RL (of Next)

    Platinum status indeed.


    ♥ this dude

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