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Gwyneth Paltrow Gets On Food Stamps For A Week

Gwynnie P is down with the struggle, ya’ll. Salute her or give her a stadium of seats…

Via NY Post reports:

She may make $19 million a year, own mansions in London, New York, Brentwood, Malibu and the Hamptons, charge $550 for her “travel backgammon set” and fly by private jet, but she feels your pain.

OK, it’s not as painful as her last $5,200 Thermage session in Santa Monica, but still, she really, really does feel the agony of the ordinary.

Last week, the progressive princess celebrity joined the “SNAP challenge.”

It’s basically the ice bucket challenge for bored Hollywood liberals and media-hungry Democratic politicians. For seven days (or at least for an hour or two after they publish their announcements to Twitter and Facebook), the bleeding hearts play “poor” by subsisting on a faux welfare budget.

Paltrow was invited to join the poverty voyeurism racket by her good friend, chef Mario Batali — last seen eating his way through Spain with G-Pally for a 13-part PBS TV series.

What, you don’t have a chef bestie to motor around in a Mercedes with across Galicia and Cordoba as you savor almejas, salmorejo and flamenquines?

When these self-indulgent stars are not bingeing on European delicacies, they’re purging themselves of liberal guilt with phony gimmicks like the SNAP sanctimony.
The idea, chef Batali explains, is to “walk in the shoes of” millions who rely on government assistance to supplement their household budgets.

Fortunately for Paltrow, this doesn’t mean she has to give up her $1,200 pair of Tom Ford black platform heels or anything else in her well-appointed shoe closet.

All she had to do was snap a Vogue-ready photo of her $29 haul of austerity grocery items (likely purchased by one of her many private kitchen assistants at an organic food market in West LA).

Awwwww how noble! An A-list star who makes millions wants to try being poor for a week because it’s hip. Hit the flip to peep more reaction of Gwyneth’s poverty tourish journey next…


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