Two of the Ten Most Powerful Girls in Hollyweird

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna and Raven Symone are on US Magazine’s list of Ten Most Powerful Girls in Hollywood. Rihanna is labeled as the hitmaker and Raven Symone as the mini-mogul. Rihanna along with her success of “Umbrella” she discusses getting into film (big surprise) and her own business.

Mini-mogul is the right name for Raven. She banks $400 million on That’s So Raven alone and has many other business ventures as well. She is definitely a great role model for young girls, and is making it rain on them hoes for real.

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  • Nicole

    She’s def not mini in the other sense

  • Jackie

    Get a pen! TAKE NOTES!

  • simmonsgurl

    i can understand Raven but Rihanna the “hitmaker?”

    umbrella was her only success…..overseas…She obviously has no fans in the U.S…she’s pretty, tho..ha

  • Shan

    Good for Raven, but Rihanna not so much.


    Raven WHO?! LOL!


    Raven is doing it AND she got some big ole bouncy tits! I need to find her so I can hit that and make her my Sugar Mamma, I need a Maserati!

    Rihanna is gorgeous but she wouldn’t get with me cuz I’m black.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Stinger…shame on you!!!! LOL

    Love me some Raven! My little girl watches her show all the time. She IS a great role models for all young girls! Big ups to Raven for keeping her clothes on and not trying to look and act like a little skank!

  • tj

    Rihanna’s album bombed. For some reason the media gets into this mode of jamming people down our throats and just doesn’t quit. Anyway Raven is producing that’s so Raven so she and her children and her children’s children will be eating for quite some time.

    Still don’t get the Rihanna thing tho although I hear shes huge in europe.

  • The One

    DAMN!!!!!! She is like a little Oprah, go girl. Can I get a loan that I dont have to pay back?! lol

  • VictoriousOne...

    Love Raven…she has real talent.

    Rihanna needs to fall the fucc back…i hate everything she represents. Cuz she represents nothing. She isn’t worth the paper that the photo is printed on. Why oh Why is Rihanna mentioned in Hollywood’s most Powerful Girls? What movies has she done? She just mentions that she wants to do film. So she’s powerful, cuz she likes to run her mouth? I most def wouldn’t go see any movie she’s in. LOL Are they remaking AVP again? She could play dual roles, the alien and the predator.


    Riri’s label paid for this shot, cause she is not making what the media would have you think. Umbrealla was big, but not that big and far as endorsements she still has a long way to go.

    I’m beginning to feel real sorry for riri they are putting a lot of pressure on her and they know she dont have the talent to pull if off.

  • Kompton'sKutie

    Raven’s my girl! All the way…beautiful, brains n she doesn’t show her goodies so everybody can like her! That is why I LUV HER! Go Girl!!!!

  • Blacksmith

    Love Raven! Young girl is handling that business and still manages to have fun and be classy at the same time.

    Rhianna, not sure about the ‘hitmaker’title…that should go to the producer or songwriter.

  • tlatrice


  • just fine

    i’m 23 & I watch thats so raven…. I remember when she was singin about little girls being “sugar and spice…” Good job, Olivia!!!

  • needed to be said

    PHILLY IN DA BOSS inda323, u’re not much to look at either

  • ROBOT16


  • tlatrice


    stfd and grow up! she could buy an dsell yo broke ass. stfu!

  • tlatrice


    u another one that gets a big hoe.sit.down!

  • Grace

    How could Rihanna make any list that has the word “POWER”. Her singing is debatable. Does she have a live act? Can she sell out a high school auditorium? She has had 1 major hit song. Is she even a millionaire? Money is power in Hollywood. Is she in a position of power to make things happen? Do Rihanna audition for movie roles or is she in a position like Raven to finance her own movies or tv shows. That list is a joke if Rihanna is on it.

    I just read the title again. It said powerful “Girl” not woman. That explain my questions.

  • ethang

    Rihanna is killin’ it. No other girl comes close to RiRi. She got respect from the fashion crowd, White Hollywood, the gays, Europe, etc. Completely stole Beyonce’s spotlight.

    Let’s all praise this mega-talent.

  • Jan

    Ethang…It will take more than one hit song to take a spotlight from Bey.

  • cat4everrr

    shay shay

    now raven is young woman i wouldnt mind my daughter looking up to, regaurdless of her weight she is still one of the most beautiful well rounded young ladies in the entertainment world, you dont see her out and about with out panties or smoking weed and having children, only to neglect them. She has some real business swag going on and i think we should all jump on board, And Rhianna ummmm I dont think so not yet !!!! sorry boo! almost doesnt count


    co-sign. my girls look up to raven as a role model

  • elle

    don’t sleep on ms. raven, this young woman will be making money for a while.

    she understands the young market

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