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Nicole Ari Parker and Borris Kodjoe attended the premiere for the new movie “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” last night in Hollyweird. That’s an interesting shirt Borris is rockin. His ass can wear anything and the broads will still be swooning.

More couples from that event:

View several more images from this event under the hood…

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  • 2008 OBAMA 2008

    Am I FIRST??!!

  • Tash

    Is Nicole pregnant again?

  • RIP Prop Joe

    That’s right bruh, aint nothing like a Black woman…

  • 2008 OBAMA 2008

    Boris is Fine as hell and Nicole looks like Tyra Banks! Is Nicole pregnant again? Oh wait…she just had a baby right?

  • Strong Black Man

    Boris and Nicole make sense…lol and no way that is Mo’Nigue’s husband, more like her butler, gardner and sex slave…

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    Will Bones ever appear up on here again??

  • lady

    Monique is crazy…she sure looks happy to have such a TANGY looking husband.

  • mark

    Great. seems saw them on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called It’s a dating site for celebrities and wealthy people. i will check if it is true.

  • Eeewww

    I can openly admit that I’m sooo jealous of her, that shes married to this beautiful portriat of a man…

    What a lucky girl…

  • awake

    Why, why, why is Boris SO FINE?

  • Troy

    Sally Richardson is the most beautiful Actress out there. Its a shame she does’nt get more roles

  • Golden Shoes

    Nicole and Boris look so happy. Nicole upped her fashion swag for this event.

    Vanessa Williams is a beauty, but the ankle boots with that style dress not so much :(.

    Salli looks a little casual for a premiere but I do like her boots.

    Joy Looks great minus her face. Her foundation looks 3 shades lighter than her actual skintone and there is no excuse for that!

    Monique you are wrong for wearing that ill fitting dress. It hightlighted yur worst instead of bringing out the best. Arms, backs and shoulders can be tomed no matter your weight class and if they are not toned, then dress accordingly. I would like you to tone down the tranny style makeup and looke more natural as well.

    Alfre always and I do mean Always, Looks a HAM

  • Just Sayin

    Would you look at the guns on Monique!

    Note: When your arms are bigger than your breast it time to push back from the table.

    I mean damn I like my milk shake thick, but sometimes that sh@t is too thick and you just don’t want to F#*k with it.

    Anybody out there feelin me?


  • Just Sayin

    @ Troy

    I agree with you she is fine… BTW: If you see her, tell her I got a roll for her. :-)~

  • baby

    Micheal Clarke Duncan look HAPPY ASS HELL to be with


  • Fellow Houstonian

    I think Mo looks fine except for that Turd on her head, I love me some Mo but when she wears that I just SMH!

    But that is my girl! Raven looks good again, really everyone looks really descent.

  • kai

    Boris and Nicole are the only couple who actually complement each other well in the looks dpt. They are both stunners. As for Monique that Gorilla, UGH! And Michael Clark duncan sure can pick em. His girl looks like something off Cool World except she is dipped in a Gabanna dress and Chanel purse…

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Hmm, why does Monique’s arm look like one big fat leg? All that psuedo big-girl swag be damned…she needs to lose weight!

  • Southern Belle 225


  • Southern Belle 225

    @Just Sit…LOL girl! but you right. She needs to go ahead and put that money to some good use.

  • awake

    @Just Sit And Be Pretty


    That ish is just unhealthy. She needs to at least hit the gym and try to tone up. Big can be beautiful…

  • Fellow Houstonian

    Hump, Hollyweird and there effects, WOW!


  • lady V

    don’t hate on monique u wish u were in her shoes, clothes, bank account, and from the looks of it her bed

  • Fellow Houstonian

    @ Lady V

    in the words of Snoop


  • vicki lynn

    Boris is the finest man in hollywood and they can have their Tom Cruises and and all those other so called hunks, they cant hold a spoon to Boris, although in the white world Brad Pitt is fine as hell also.

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