Confirmed: Keyshia’s New Man…With Photo Evidence!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It’s confirmed, Keyshia Cole is going-around with Daniel Gibson of the Cavaliers. Daniel at least knows what he is getting into, family wise. Hell, we all do.

We have the first pictures of the two below

Images via Prince Williams

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  • No you can't be boyfriend # 2! So stop calling me!


  • M

    she snagged her one! He’s super cute. I am not mad @ all

  • No you can't be boyfriend # 2! So stop calling me!

    Oh and it’s about time she stepped her damn game up! I’m sooo happy she anit crying about you know who anymore!

  • Tee

    Wishing these two young black successful people the best of luck!


    and they look cute together, i m happy this sista finally find somebody ! beautiful!

  • istackporn

    dats wats up.

  • thaaazzzright!!!

    I’m happy for her.

  • Jade Silver

    Good for her.

  • Black Beauty

    Good for her. I like Keyshia and I wish her nothing but the best. Looks like she snagged her a good one, and he isn’t bad on the eyes. They make a cute couple, get it girl!

  • Nique

    awww Im happy for her-they are so cute together.

  • Mona

    great couple try to make it work,,, I love her new song with Monica–

  • JB Cougarlicious - Free until Aug 2009

    Keisha please keep Frankie away from the Cavs locker room.

  • Mrs. Rance

    She is so cute with that sprung look in her eyes.

  • Philly

    as long as he treats her good…its all good!! 🙂

    go keysh…wit ya new man

  • JB Cougarlicious - Free until Aug 2009

    No wait. Keisha take Frankie tot he Locker room of the Cavs. Tomorrow at about 7pm. yeah yeah tkae her over there. Neffie too.

  • i say i'ze married now!! (follow me!

    im so happy for her…
    |tears of joy|
    go keyshia!!! whoop whoop!!

  • mzsweetface

    I just hope she’s happy and that he treats her good. That’s all that matters.

  • rome a.k.a. (Fu#k! Da Diaz Bruddaz)

    That’s a good look for her

  • DESWES95

    He adores her! You can see how he looks at her and their body language. She gently tucks her hand under his arm. His body is very close to her letting her know “I’m right here baby, I got your back”. He’s not tryin to hide anything. Keep it that way. Keyshia keep your “entire” family out of your business. Good luck!

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • Lovelyleggs

    He looks way better than that odd shaped head man Jeezy!!! Gone get it girl!!!
    P.S. When did Atlanta get paparazzi!? I’m confused but I like it!!! LOL
    twitter DeidraAKALeggs y’all!!!

  • Cutie

    Frankie is Scary 😦

  • Cutie

    Shanice can sang!! Whatever happened to her?

  • wtfever

    I love Keyshia, wish her the best of luck in love and life.

  • wtfever

    Shanice always was an underrated singer. She can sing and is a beautiful sister.

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