Media Bias: 10 Lies Being Told About The #BaltimoreUprising

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10 Lies Being Told About The #BaltimoreUprising

There’s a lot of activity going on in Baltimore as people protest the unjust murder of Freddie Gray. There’s property destruction, police violence and general unrest depending on who you listen to. But there are also plenty of lies being spread about the city and the people there. We want to set things straight. Here are 10 common lies we’re seeing and how we want to dispel them.


Lie 1: The idea that looting is a “Black” activity

Truth: Um…these are white people.


Lie 2: Baltimore protesters don’t care about their city

Truth: Here are members of the city cleaning up after the destruction while Parks and Rec watches on

Lie 3: This is the first riot in Baltimore in a long time.

Truth: This picture is from after the Ravens won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.



Lie 4: Baltimore gangs are uniting to “take-out” the police.

Truth: These “rival” gangs are uniting to help stop violence and protest police brutality.

Lie 5: This image allegedly showing a protester stealing a woman’s purse

Truth: She was heckling him and tried to take his bag.



Lie 6: Don Lemon should be anywhere near covering the protests

Truth: No. He shouldn’t.

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    Lie 7: Freddie Gray is a suspect

    Truth: He was an innocent person killed by police.


    Lie 8: The protesters are escalating the violence in Baltimore

    Truth: It was actually Baltimore Orioles fans who yelled slurs and insults at protesters, escalating the violence

    Lie 9: This isn’t creating positive discourse

    Truth: This video shows how people are talking



    Lie 10: This is a violent protest

    Truth: Thousands upon thousands of people are protesting peacefully.

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