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Woman Fired For Complaining About Racist University Course Catalog

A photo used for a recent University of North Georgia catalog cover has put the school in the national spotlight. Now one of the cover’s most vocal critics says she’s been fired from all three of her campus jobs because of it.

Via 11 Alive:

The cover that started the controversy features a stock photo that seems more like an ink blot test on social sensitivity. The caption says “Why follow when you can lead.” Beside it are two well-dressed white men, joyfully – and easily – crossing the finish line.

Also pictured is a woman who still has a smile her face despite apparently running the race in heels, and a black man stumbling to the finish line in last place.

The image is what the University of North Georgia sent out to promote its spring continuing education class schedule.

Gabriela Batista is a third year political science student and president of the school’s Latino Student Association.

“It was completely inappropriate coming from a university,” Batista said of the cover. Upset by what she saw, she sent an email to administrators — even the university president — and posted her concerns on Facebook.

Kate Maine, a spokesperson for the university says the image was chosen by one person, but reviewed by a group before publication.

“It is problematic for us that no one expressed concern at that point about the image,” Maine said. No one was fired, or even given a written warning, but Batista said she certainly paid the price for speaking up.

“Not even a week later I was terminated from two of my positions at the university,” she said. Two weeks after that, she lost the third. “They were saying that I had excessive tardiness and excessive call outs,” Batista said.

Batista denies those claims. The University offered her the jobs back, but she declined.

“I told them I can’t come back, this is just another way to silence, shut me up, brush it aside,” she said.

We’re glad the college removed the offensive photo, but the fact that the woman who complained about it got fired sets a horrible precedent. Do you think she should have been fired?



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