8 Famous Men Who Got Beat Up By Their Women

Two Sides: 8 Famous Men Who Got Beat Up By Their Women

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8 Famous Men Who Got Beat Up By Their Women

So many people think domestic violence is something that just happens to women. However, plenty of men are victims of domestic violence at the hands of women. Even these celebrities. These men are victims of domestic violence.

Bobby Brown – Whitney Houston responded to domestic abuse claims with this: “”Contrary to belief, I do the hitting.” Wow.

Bill Clinton – In Hillary’s book, it was revealed that she scratched up his face when he invited Barbara Streisand to the White House.

Brad Pitt – It’s been rumored that Brad got beaten up by Angelina over cheating.

Al Green – He had a boiling hot pot of grits dropped on his back, scalding him and damn near killing him.

Lionel Richie – He was infamously beaten up by his wife and the cops were even called in.

Ron Artest – He’s admitted that his wife used to beat up on him back in the day. Crazy.

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Stephen Hawking – He divorced his second wife after it was alleged that she put him in the hospital and was overall physically abusive.

Tiger Woods – Elin chased him out of the house and cracked him with a golf club when he got caught cheating.


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