What A Racist Thing To Say: Bob Arum & Freddie Roach Compare Floyd Mayweather To “The Emperor Jones” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

From here on out… This editor won’t be supporting Bob Arum or Freddie Roach fighters. Also, gotta love the way Bob is talking about the man with animosity but swearing up and down he’s not bitter or doesn’t have any animosity. Bob, you are bitter and filled with animosity because the obedient black boy didn’t need you anymore and decided to be his own boss. He’s “Brutus” to you and you are praying his subjects chase him down and kill him, aren’t you?

The Emperor Jones is a 1920 play by American dramatist Eugene O’Neill that tells the tale of Brutus Jones, an African-American man who kills a man, goes to prison, escapes to a Caribbean island, and sets himself up as emperor. The play recounts his story in flashbacks as Brutus makes his way through the forest in an attempt to escape former subjects who have rebelled against him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor_Jones

So, Bob is saying that Floyd is just a “regular African American” fronting like he’s a king, like Bob here. To hell with Bob Arum.

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