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Mom Finds Dangerous Spiders In Bananas

A British mother was horrified to find a fungal growth on the bananas she was about to feed her toddler daughters…which actually turned out to be an egg coccoon for rare Brazilian spiders that cause painful, deadly erections. Via NYDN:

A British mother-of-two was terrified to find what she believes were deadly erection-giving spiders hidden inside a bunch of bananas bought from her local grocery store.

Maria Layton was handing one of the yellow fruits to her 6-year-old daughter Siri at their Bristol home on Tuesday when she spotted it had a funny growth, reports the Bristol Post. She put it to one side, and pulled out another. But she soon found it also had what appeared to be a fungus — which she then realized was a spider cocoon.

The 43-year-old researched the critters, and was shocked to discover that they were almost certainly Brazilian Wandering Spiders.

The creatures are known to be aggressive and venomous. Their bites can cause serious injury, death – and in the case of some men, a painful four-hour-long erection.

But rather than immediately throwing the bananas away (or setting them on fire as we would have), the mother put the bananas in her freezer, hoping to kill the eggs off…

“The spider cocoon started to unfurl so I put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as I read that is supposed to kill them,” she added. Tesco, from where the Costa Rica-exported fruit had been bought by her husband, simply told her to take the bananas and spiders back to the store.

But Layton feared having to handle the animals, and was worried that they may have infested her home. Her efforts to get government agencies to investigate failed.

It’s unclear what’s now happened to the spiders, and if they are still in the sealed frozen box.

So she either has a frozen dead spider colony on her hands, or a bunch of cold, angry, erection-causing deadly spiders crawling around inside a sealed box next to the rest of her food.

Neither sounds like an ideal situation.




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