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Christian Game Developer Creates Shooter Game To Kill Gays

A California game developer, skateboarder, and Christian named Randall Herman, has launched what might be one of the most offensive anti-gay games ever created, called “Kill The Fa**ot.”

Via The Daily Grind:

Shortly after its launch on The Steam’s downloadable games shop called Greenlight, the game was pulled after receiving an avalanche of comments from furious customers.

Before its removal from Greenlight, games critic Jim Sterling downloaded and tested the game, which launched via Herman’s game shop moniker Skaldic Games. The resulting YouTube video revealed a crude game that has players aim a bullseye to shoot and kill people who say such things as, “Can I put my weiner in your butt?” and “Whoops, I just dropped the soap.” (After playing a minute of the game, Sterling shouted, “Where is the fu**ing satire? What is it satirizing? Not really anything. It’s just being ‘the thing.’”)

Hermann issued the following statement explaining his decision to create the game: “These people that think if you are even remotely homophobic, you are ‘hateful’ and a ‘bigot,’ and do everything they can to destroy you in every vicious way possible. So I decided to go down a path that most developers are afraid to go down: to piss these people off by making the most overly offensive game possible to these idiots to prove a point.”

Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!!!



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