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Here is everyone’s favorite actor supporting his wife Idina Menzel at her in-store performance at the Virgin Megastore in NYC.

Nice socks Taye Taye…

Image via WENN

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  • Damn, fish again!!!!!


  • Damn, fish again!!!!!

    what a cute dork

  • Marques Houstons lace socks

    They could be worse…..

  • angel

    This guy is great. I like him. It is said he met her wife on Charlie Sheen found his match there.



  • ninasum1


    y u hating on MR CHOC just cause he looks good (kinda)

    its better than a pimp suite/ or a fitted and over-sized pants/ T-shirt—

    dont hate cause his tryna get his commonsense swagger on…

  • The One

    What a waste of a good looking man.

  • i'm like wtf?

    that VEST = glad trash bag couture

  • ninasum1

    uh wats a herb stinger?

    yeah old boy tried

    but y dont these people have stylists if they cant do the right thing…

    think the matching is totally wrong!

    its certainly is a slow day—-yawn

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    Morning allll!!!! 🙂

    I don’t think he’s that attractive, he’s ok but the outfit I can see Common pulling this one off waaaaaay better.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ Cage

    I can see Common rocking an outfit like this, maybe not the socks and those busted shoes, but I can see the shirt, vest, and hat def on common.

  • ms jazz
  • ninasum1

    Taye digs is not all that!

    but he was so funnny in Malibu’s Most Wanted

    wat a baffoon

    –didnt know he had a funny side

    he just needs a chain watch to go with this ‘fit

  • david

    He’s a punk and a sellout . . . and a coon. Let’s hear what he thinks about why his movies aren’t successful again.

  • PrettyMissSunshine


  • FE - 504 - FUM


  • FE - 504 - FUM

    DAMMIT !

  • Wondering

    Idina is so talented, and so out of Taye’s league. Leave while you can girl! After “Private Practice,” gets cancelled, you’ll be supporting him again! With the writers strike, you’re probably supporting him now! And this fool cheats on you too! Leave Idina, Leave! Taye is now, and forever a bum.

  • Southern Belle 225


    @Pretty Miss(PMS)…what’s up chick?

  • LaSabre84

    to be real he is so white washed

  • ninasum1


    u must be a gold digger!


  • Dick Chestnut

    @ Stringer Bell. “Wait in the water, children”? What book of Negro spirituals, or Negor as you wrote it, do you own? That sounds like a song about drowning kids. Its WADE in the water. I hope you’re not a life guard, you’re just a law suit waiting, or shall I say “Wading” to happen.

  • lupe77

    Taye Diggs is so unattractive to me. He just puts me off, ugh!!

    I hate that he always gets thes plum roles on TV too, like he’s the only brotha in hollywood. He’s not!! He’s not that good looking! He’s an average actor at best.

    My sister met him in real life and she was underwhelmed too. He’s just so average in every department.

    I hear his wife is really talented though. I’d love to see her on broadway. Is she coming out with a record or something?

  • Don't mind me

    His tasty

  • Baby Please

    LOL. He’s such a dork. LMAO.

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