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Damon Dash Tells BOSSIP He’s A “Hero” Father Who’ll Stop At Nothing To Raise His Kids

Damon Dash wants to set the record straight.

In a wide ranging, 45-minute interview, the former head of Roc-A-Fella Records told BOSSIP’s Jennifer H. Cunningham that he’s a good father who has been railroaded by the legal system and financially exploited by his children’s mothers. The 44-year-old, who is now a wanted man for failing to pay child support, said he is speaking out about his court drama to empower dads everywhere.

“I’m gonna fight for all good fathers,” Dash told BOSSIP. “This is for all good fathers. I’ll be that sacrificial lamb and bring awareness to my plight so other fathers don’t.”

Despite the warrants for his arrest for back child support, Dash insisted that he has been paying the mothers of his two daughters, Ava, 15 and Tallulah, 8 and son, Lucky, 11. Dash said he gave Lucky’s mother, Cindy, $128,000 for a down payment on a house and Roy $50,000 – money he says he gave them outside of their child support agreements. Dash said he doesn’t understand why the women are now taking him to court.

“I’m not gonna sit here and be a victim,” Dash added. “I’m a good man, and they’re always gonna try to make a good man look bad. Didn’t they try to make Jesus look bad?”

Dash is now facing two New York arrest warrants; one is for more than $50,000 in back child support to Lucky’s mother. The other warrant is for more than $340,000 to ex-wife Rachel Roy for child support, school and camp fees and for debts from their two foreclosed Manhattan homes.

Dash said Roy was supposed to be paying Lucky’s mom child support from Dash’s stake in her company, but Roy never did. Dash said he’d have more money to support his kids, but Roy, a fashion designer, made a bad business deal behind his back with clothing manufacturer Topson Downs, which cut into his profits.

“Now I gotta go to court for that,” Dash said. “They ruined my business with Rachel, ruined my relationship with my kids. All this so that other people can make money, so Topson Downs can make money, so the lawyer can make money.”

We’ve reached out to reps for Topson Downs.

Roy got a restraining order against Dash last month, after he said he picked up one daughter and Roy told the cops he’d “kidnapped” the girl. Dash admitted he threw one of Roy’s friends out of Roy’s house when he dropped the girl off. The tossed out friend, Oscar Sailes, also got a restraining order against Dash.

Dash said he now could only see his girls with supervision. The former couple is due back in court later this month.

“Rachel wants a monitor, and I’m not going to do that to my kids,” he said. “There’s no reason to devastate my children with this, so I just won’t see them for a little while. But this will be rectified in court. I have faith in the justice system.”

A LA judge awarded Roy primary custody of the girls at an April hearing Dash didn’t attend. He says he didn’t turn up for court because Roy’s lawyer told him they’d planned to settle.

“When I’m in court, that compromised my whole relationship,” Dash said. “So as a result, my relationship with my daughters is compromised and I haven’t spoken to my son. They’re not picking up the calls; they’re not calling me back. So basically to get money, they’re taking a father who is protecting and paying everything away from the child, just for their personal interest.”

Dash said he knows he’s a good father, and the proof is in his oldest son, Boogie, 23, an entrepreneur.

“It doesn’t make logical sense that I’m a bad dad, especially when I talk about being a man,” Dash told BOSSIP. “It contradicts everything that I am.”

He is especially livid with the women’s lawyer, Donnell Suares, and alleged that he was taking advantage of his kids’ mothers and the legal system. He said he plans to sue Suares, who he said threatened to “take all of his money” in an elevator confrontation after one hearing.

“He knows that I pay for everything for my kids, school, camp, even $128,000 for a $500,000 crib that I didn’t have to,” Dash said. “What would be his agenda to take a good father to court? Just to get money. What good would it do, me talking to my son from jail? How can I make money for my kids in jail?”

Suares said it’s time for Dash to stop passing the blame.

“Mr. Dash stating that he will sue me for ensuring that his children can go to school and receive financial support is the equivalent of an arsonist suing a firefighter for putting out a fire,” Suares told BOSSIP in a statement.

In the meantime Dash says he’s making his “bail money” by releasing two new movies, “Loisiadas,” and “Too Honorable,” a Netflix-style streaming service with all of his movies and music, and plans to launch two alcohol brands.

“It’s me directing, putting up my own money and putting it out,” Dash said. “I’m heavy. No middleman on any level. Wrote it, directed it, produced it and distributed it. Dame Dash.”

The mogul said even though his lawyer asked him to stop speaking out, he’s got no plans to stop talking about his child support and custody cases on social media, in the hopes that his honesty will help others, especially fathers.

“I’m not no chatty Patty, because I’m talking about my own experience,” he said. “Whether I win in court or not, the world is gonna hear the truth. And that’s that.”


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