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Miami Cop Suspended For Punching Handcuffed Model

Everything about this is very, very, ugly…

Via DailyMail

A Miami Beach police detective has been suspended for a month unpaid nearly two years after he punched and kicked a model while she was handcuffed and in custody.

Philippe Archer, a 19-year veteran to the department, will serve his 160-hour suspension on days spread over May, June and July.

Surveillance footage shows Archer, who was dressed in plain clothes, punching Megan Adamescu, 29, after she kicked him in the leg while handcuffed in a parking garage behind police headquarters in June 2013.

He then tried to kick her while another plain-clothed officer pulled Adamescu, who was left with a swollen face and concussion, away.

What would lead a sworn officer of the law to assault a citizen? Welp…

On the night of the incident, Archer had responded to a call of a disturbance at a South Beach condo. A concierge called police claiming that Adamescu was drunk in the lobby of the South Bay Club and would not leave.

Adamescu was arrested by Archer for being drunk and disorderly and he took her to the Miami Beach Police Department, which is approximately one mile from the condo area.

When Archer escorted Adamescu through the parking garage, she was too drunk to give him identification, so he took her purse to get an ID himself, according to police reports.

At this point, Adamescu began using racial slurs toward Archer, who is black, reports said.

There is no audio to accompany this video, but we get that this broad probably said something really out-of-pocket to this cop.


A POLICE OFFICER was only suspended for 1 MONTH…2 YEARS after punching a handcuffed woman? REALLY??? Another really sad statement about how little women are valued in society.



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