Which One Would You Hit: Old Vs New

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Busta Ryhmes and Soulja Boy are pictured at the YRB Magazine “How You Rock It party” held at M2 Lounge, NYC. Happy Birthday Busta! Both of these characters are a sight for sore eyes.

Ladies, if you had to let one these two dudes bust you up...Which One Would You Let Hit??

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  • Speaking the truth...

    Both are wack!

  • Atls_Fynest

    Neither one!!!!!

  • Christmas Jones

    Cosign@ ATLS_FYNEST..neither! they can both kiss my ring!

  • sasha

    3rd and neither

  • sasha

    well I guess 4th but still co- sign with the above still and neither

  • Alexis

    Soulja boy for sure…..

  • ♥ pYnK ♥

    maybe if there was no more men left in the world and I had gone like six years with no sex…. NAWWW even then HELL TO THE NAW!!!

  • kahmmillion

    Not one of them fools…I would have to hit up the adult toy store.

  • Nun like Baton Rouge

    come on guys i think soulja boy is a cutie pie! If definatly give it a try. Might even teach em a few tricks.

  • Kim

    Neither!!!!!!! Next batch please!!!!!!

  • Souljagir

    Umm….a. Busta, b. Soulja boy I will take answer C. not given or D. None of the above

  • Lady Next Door

    Maybe if it was Djimon or Blair, then I can say both. But, I will have to say both as in ‘neither’.

  • Black British Chick

    U Guys are stupid saying neither,u know u want soulja boy
    He Is Beautiful!

  • Me No Likey"when people fail to use birth control"

    I would hit both and heres how:

    1. Hit them with my Navigator
    2. Back up and roll over them with my riding lawnmower
    3. Jab them with my Baton from marching band
    4. Roll my bowling balls on them

    That about does it for me!

  • Thug Life (Makaveli Reincarnated)...R.I.P Dolla


    all of ya’ll know that you would do me instead. (stands up and looks around smiling)… 🙂

  • Nique

    @Thug Life

    **ladies in here are still looking around for a hand to go up**……..

    *someone coughs*….

    still silence…next..lol

  • hawtt0pic

    s0ulja b0y!

  • Thug Life (Makaveli Reincarnated)...R.I.P Dolla


    as i look around i see there are no takers…so i pull a picture out of you in a very unusual position looking astonished ( you on your back with me staring down) then i say to the crowd. LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!

  • me (the original)®

    No, Soulja Boy is vile, sorry.

  • Sharee

    Ummmm ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Doc

    i take pass thanks for the offer.

  • V-ROB

    soulja boy….for sure!

  • bored at work

    both…not at the same time of course but older guys have that experience and younger guys have energy lol…n neither of them is bad lookin…

  • Edie


  • Aidenne

    Now I’ve started to feel queasy all over…

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