Dirty Dog Diaries: Study Shows 42% Of Tinder Users Are Already In A Relationship

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Poll Shows Most Tinder Users Are Already In A Relationship

The dual blessing and curse of Tinder is that you can’t tell much about a person when you swipe right on their profile — what their politics are, what kind of work they do… or if they’re in a relationship.

Via Mic:

Yes, we’re sorry to report that, according to new data, a surprisingly large number of Tinder users are actually not single. In a massive online survey of 47,622 Internet users, research firm GlobalWebIndex found that of the 621 respondents who had used Tinder in the last month, 30% are married and another 12% are “in a relationship.”

For comparison, 54% reported their status as “single,” and 3% are divorced or widowed.

As the Guardian nicely put it, the numbers “suggest the app has a wider demographic” than we typically imagine. Seriously.

Some are mere “Tinder tourists,” aka your couple friends who get a kick out of swiping together — or an ego boost from swiping alone. “For them, it’s a playground, consequence-free,”as the Cut described. Such passive swiping is becoming common enough to prompt the debate: Is having a Tinder profile cheating? (For what it’s worth, 67% of women think it is while only 43% of men do, according to a YouGov poll.)

But as Jezebel noted, “It all depends on the swiper.” For all the innocent Tinder tourists, there are also undoubtedly married and otherwise unavailable lurkers swiping right and tossing out “hey”s and “what’s up”s left and right. See: this “Using Tinder to Find an Affair” guidebook. (Shudder.)

But the fact that there are creepers all over Tinder who should be avoided? Any Tinder user worth her “unmatch” button already knew that.

People ain’t isht! Is your bae on Tinder?

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