BOSSIP Exclusive: Terrence Howard – My Racist Ex-Wife Threatened To Kill Me, Stole My Racks

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Empire Star Says Ex Michelle Ghent Called Him The N Word, Boasted Of Her Links To The Russian Mob And Raided His Bank Accounts

Terrence Howard said his ex-wife called him a “rat n****r” and threatened to have her mob pals rub him out if he didn’t cough up millions, BOSSIP has learned.

Howard said Michelle Ghent told him if didn’t pay her off, she’d get her friends in the Russian Mafia to rub him out, report him to the IRS for deductions she believed were fraudulent and tell everyone she contracted herpes from him.

The Empire star made the explosive allegations in court papers filed Wednesday, where he asked a LA Family Court judge to toss his original divorce settlement because he says he signed it under “duress.”

Howard said his one-time love’s extortion campaign was so scary that he ultimately agreed to an unfair divorce judgment, which has him paying her $5,800 a month for five years plus an additional 21 percent of all his earnings. He signed the divorce judgment in 2013, and under California law, he has two years to appeal it.

In the court papers, Howard said that Ghent fired his bookkeeper during their year-long marriage and promptly drained his bank accounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He said when he confronted her about it, she admitted to stealing his iPhone and threatened to leak penis pics and videos of him dancing naked.

“I already shopped around – I can make a good $2 million right now with your f****d up voice, talking to a bunch of b*****s, dancing naked on your iPhone, okay?” Howard said Ghent told him during an exchange he recorded. “You want to see your little d**k out there in front of TV?”

Howard and Ghent were married for just over a year, and Ghent filed for divorce in 2011, citing irreconcilable differences.

The actor, who is now remarried and expecting his fourth child, said Ghent went nuts after he changed his phone number, calling him a “rat n****r” and promising to ruin his career if he didn’t give her more money. Howard said he immediately wired her $40,000, but the threats didn’t stop.

“Not only did Michelle threaten me prior to executing the (divorce) judgment, but after the settlement agreement and judgment were entered, she continued to make extortionist threats against me (both directly to me and indirectly to my new wife, Mira Howard) via text messages and over Instagram,” Howard said in court papers. “There are numerous such messages, including that Michelle was going to “demolish” my reputation. She also warned me that even though her computer had broken, she “backed it up” and was going to take an “eye for an eye” by telling my “whole story to TMZ.”

“She has warned me that she was going to “kill me” and that I should “start hiding” because she claimed to “know where I and my family live,” Howard said. “She further warned me that” “U should move.” In yet another text, she told me to “watch yourself,” and “be careful when you leave your place.”

The couple are due back in court later this month.

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