Chris Brown Intruder’s Mental Illness May Have Been Triggered By Ganja

BOSSIP Exclusive: Chris Brown House Crasher’s Mental Illness May Have Been Brought On By Her Love Of Super Strong Ganja

- By Bossip Staff

Amira Ayeb’s Mental Health Unraveled After She Began Smoking Powerful Pot Strain “Kush,” Friend Says

The female intruder who Chris Brown found naked in his house is an obsessed fan whose suspected mental illness was triggered by her addiction to super-strength marijuana, BOSSIP can reveal.

Amira Ayeb is facing burglary and felony vandalism charges after Brown discovered the college student nude in his sprawling Angora Hills, Ca. mansion Wednesday night. She’d apparently been living there for days and scrawled “Mrs. Brown” on his cars and “I Love You” on his counter-top.

She’s being held in LA County jail on $50,000 bail and will appear before a judge on Monday, L.A. Sheriffs Department told BOSSIP.

But in contrast to the wild-eyed photo of the woman Brown posted on Instagram, a source who went to school with Ayeb, 21, said she was just a normal schoolgirl in Ivory Coast’s capital, Abidjan, until she got hooked on super strength “kush” marijuana while in college at a Miami university.
“She was a cool girl,” the man, who spoke to BOSSIP from Ivory Coast and asked that he not be identified, said. But “when she went to Miami, she had a problem with drugs.”

The source said she never seemed confused or ill until she came back to Abidjan for a visit from Miami. He said she seemed spaced out and generally out of it, and he knew something was wrong.

“She explained to me her problem,” he said. “She told me (it was) kush.”

Ayeb’s alleged drug abuse became so out of control that she had to leave college, and returned to Africa for an intensive rehab.
“When she came back to Africa,” he said, “she tried to stop. She became normal.”

Normal, he said, except for a newfound strong attachment to the “New Flame” singer.
“She just told me that she liked him,” he said. “She loved him. I thought it was (fine.)”

Ayeb left Ivory Coast again and enrolled into college in Houston, where the source said she lived by herself and didn’t get out much. Despite earlier reports that Ayeb was a student at the University of Houston, a spokesman told BOSSIP she is not a student there.

The source believes that left to her own devices, Ayeb began using marijuana again and deteriorated. Her family is abroad; her mother, sister and brother live in Abidjan, her father, a official in the ex-president’s government, travels for work.
“She was alone,” he said. “I don’t know if she had any friends in Houston.”

The source said he was shocked to see videos she posted online incoherently singing.
“I was afraid,” he said. “ It was an Amira I don’t know. I was mad, and sad.”

Ayeb’s last online post reveals the extent of her unraveling:
“I will never Have to fight because God fights for me,” the woman wrote four days before her arrest. “This is the real me I (sic) lost my phone my computer I can’t not find my sounds in my flash drive. My name is Amira Kodcia Ayeb Brown, I am from Tunisia and I live in Los Angeles California I am in Malibu searching for my home. I have 21 years old I was born in 05/13/1993. If you will like to know more listen to my songs.”




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