Hey Stupid: 15 Everyday Things That Are Making Us More Dumb

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Hey Stupid: 15 Everyday Things That Are Making Us Dumber

Have you ever felt like you were smarter when you were younger? You may be right! There are things we do everyday that deplete our cognitive functions and literally kill brain cells. Activities like chewing gum and working with the window shut that we deem ordinary, are making us stupid.

Hit the flip to read 15 everyday things that are making us dumber.

1. Search Engines

4 studies have shown that people are more inclined to rely first on accessing the answer to a difficult question online than researching and recalling the information for themselves. In short, we are retaining less information, SMH.

2. Junk Food

Junk Food aka processed snacks can make it difficult to boost your memory since they’re high in cholesterol. High cholesterol is bad for your heart and also bad for your brain. Read more here.

3. Smoking Weed

No -ish, Sherlock! A 20 year study found that persistent marijuana use causes a decline in cognitive functions.

4. Lack Of Sleep

Sleep deprivation leads to loss of cognitive function and mood changes.

5. Negativity

Listening to people complain literally makes you dumber by peeling away the brain’s neurons. The same goes for watching negative television.

6. Your Facebook

This study says that staring at your own makes you less productive. How silly and narcissistic!

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    7. Stress

    High levels of stress impair the brain’s ability to store information and make important connections that help you respond in your environment. Stress literally makes you slow.

    8. Poor Ventilation

    Open the window! High levels of carbon dioxide significantly impair your decision making functions.

    9.Chewing Gum

    Chewing gum impairs short term memory.

    10. Obesity

    Obese people’s brain have to work much harder to perform the same functions of those smaller than them.

    11. Sugar

    High sugar or fructose intake hampers your memory and learning.

    12. Jet Lag

    Traveling often and experiencing jet lag alters the brain’s memory functions much like lack of sleep.

    13. Social Media Multitasking

    Multitasking between social media and other work causes a huge distraction, making it harder to complete tasks compared to people who solely focus on that task.

    14. Watching Fox News

    People who get their news from Fox are among some of the least informed in the country, according to this study.

    15. Fluoride

    Fluoride exposed to young kids indeed slows their cognitive development. Be careful!

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