Lisa Wu to Public: “Stop Callin’ Us Ghetto…Because Them New York and Jerzey Housewives Are Trash”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Lisa Wu Hartwell of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is fighting back against people calling the ATL Housewives…”Ghetto”:

ESSENCE.COM: The ATL “Housewives” show will be returning for a second season and is the highest rated of the “Housewives” franchise. It seems that the other shows are following the Georgia Peach lead for great ratings.

Absolutely, they do. There’s always a double standard. Perhaps, we are held to a higher standard of excellence but real situations happen. It’s just unfair that people pass judgment and call our show ghetto but when they talk about the women Orange County or New York or New Jersey shows they call it entertainment. I believe that the way that we’ve been raised as Black people—always keeping secrets in our family and really witnessing Black women go through it—that we are judged harshly. For instance, there’s a teaser for the New Jersey show where one of the women flips over a table in the restaurant. Now had any of us done that we probably would have lost some viewers and been told that we lack class. Unfortunately, certain behaviors are more accepted from our counterparts than they are among us. So tell me is their show ghetto or simply entertainment? People need to understand that ghetto isn’t a color, it’s a state of mind and being.

ESSENCE.COM: So what would you say to ATL “Housewives” critics?
People have always said that we don’t represent the women of Atlanta. It is impossible for five women to represent all the women of Atlanta but some might be able to relate to someone on our show. I’ve had some people say to me after seeing the argument I had with Kim, “I thought you were different.” And I simply had to say that I’m human. Maybe some situations we handled were inappropriate behavior, but it’s always easy to criticize and say what you would do when you’re not in the situation. I’m sorry that they find our behavior offensive but oftentimes we don’t really have a chance to think about our actions, or what we say. Are there certain things that in hindsight I wish I could take back? Absolutely. At the end of the day we are all human, but cut us some slack as you do our counterparts. It’s all entertainment Remember, you’re only seeing a fraction of our lives, not the whole pie.

We just watched the Real Houswives of New York  reunion and the debut of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. We totally agree with you Lisa, because they looked like they found the new women on the other shows in a prison system or in trailer parks.

But, we have to say that Lisa is not completely innocent. She needs to get custody of her kids and stop shopping so much. That kind of behavior is sort of…dare we say it, “ghetto”.


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  • electrickblue

    I dont like lisa!

  • Shug in the A

    Maybe Lisa recognizes that it is actually in her CHILDREN’S BEST INTREST to be with their dad and just see her on weekends (like most father’s who do not have custody do). Why disrupt a life that is clearly flurshing for selfish reasons or to quite haters who only think “Kids should be with Moms” (in lieu of capable FATHERS)
    – off my soap box hold the applause.

  • The lovely1

    No what’s ghetto is you speaking of a situation you clearly know nothing about. Lisa not having her kids have nothing to do with being ghetto. Check the records on that one.

    Now as for Real Housewives of all the cities, they are all very funny and entertaining. Are folks speaking of ghetto because of color, because the white chicks get it in as well.

  • eveinthegarden

    The New Jersey women are just as godless as anyone. One is propositioning her new dude to get freaky in the bathroom, the matriarchal mother is encouraging her son to have a strip club ‘mommy can be proud of’…its all a bunch of bs.

  • Menominee Nation

    ITs whatever. I am guessing ratings-wise, the ATL housewives had better numbers cuz the characters were more interesting…ghetto? no, at least for the time they taped that show it seemed like all of em were paid way more than most of us. It wasnt till it was ending that all their dirty laundry was gettin aired out. One thing ALL of the seasons have had in common is the uber-blatant materialism and false sense of entitlement. that transcends any social demographic and seems to be the constant.

  • Chellesz

    I think Jersey Housewives show will be interesting.

  • Wanjiru






  • enkogkneegro

    I peaked it a few times and from what I took in they were a couple of women that had some money thru marriage and were doing the whole upitty thing, there was one however that had much more it appeared than the others and quite frankly was more down to earth than the others. Her home was the bomb and she wasn’t into all the drama like the others….I guess being sane isn’t good for ratings because I see she’s gone……..

  • http://deleted stx

    I think its kind of strange that when it comes to the real housewives of Atlanta, the cast had to be mostly black with one white female. isn’t that kind of sterotyping that atlanta is a black city. Atlanta is very multicultural, so that is the impression they want to paint that atlanta is black and ghetto. why don’t the other shows even have one black person on the cast? Does that mean there are no black housewives in those other cities. Seems really suspicious to me.

  • Toucheaway

    Ghetto or not, I hate the show, as the entire “Real Housewives” franchise.

    It’s lowbrow, misogynistic and tacky to follow women around while they shop and act like queens to “reveal” their lives as shallow and useless.

    It’s the height of ugliness. When will they film “The Real Husbands of Golddiggers?” They won’t, because for some reason a man married to a golddigger deserves to be respected more than the golddigger herself. They’ll make a clown out of her, but him? He gets to keep his dignity.

    The old double standard. I hate these shows!

  • *Treasure*

    People are always quick to critique others and label them abusive terms such as ghetto. When a black woman does something morally or socially unacceptable others will call her offensive labels and peg her for a loud, unruly, bitter, ghetto black woman. This is a racial stereotype that black people have exacerbated by using this term for women of color. If a white person used this derogatory speech towards a black person a fight might ensue.

  • ME ME ME

    lol booosssiipppp lol!

  • SP. E-Z!!!

    She SHArP!

    I don’t think they act madd ghetto! just my girl NeNe(she tell it like it iz)…

    I can’t wait for the new season…

  • Stop Calling Us Ghetto

    […] […]

  • Tee

    These ‘housewives’ make sure they stay in the media.

  • Diddi

    Why did they have to put all the black women on the ATL version.Thats racist in itself there are plenty of wealthy wives of color in the NJ/NY area.Also JuJu Kidd ex wife of Jason wanted to be on the NY version but now has another reality show coming out.

  • idiotnoir

    another example why no race should breed with negroes, this womans mother should be arrested for crimes against nature!

  • cc

    I live in Atlanta and what you see is how it is…WACK!!! Black Hollywood! Even people that are broke try to act like there s#@$ don’t stank…
    Damn, can’t wait to move to DC next year.

    And @ idiotnoir, wtf??? KILL YOUR SELF!!

  • cc

    None of these shows are ghetto, just NENE! Everyone has something to say when most chicks do what they do in there lives and you call them trash?? This is TV!!! At the end of the day they are sitting right and haters are sittin at there desk at work!! Stop hating and calling names and get on the grind for your self!!!!

  • kendall stacy

    How does Lisa consider herself anything but ghetto? On the reunion show she threatened to beat up the white chick? Are you serious? How ghetto is that?! There only one “housewife” on each of the different Housewives series that has any class, just one! Lisa it’s casted that way. You are just one of many the trainwrecks of the shows but it’s working for you, so keep up the good work.

  • Aveezy

    Ok maybe Kim should be traded off and shipped to Orange County or NY!

  • RealiTee

    The Real Wives of New York are the best as a black female, I can’t say that I loved the Real Wives of Atlanta but of the cast Lisa represented family and ambition the best. (I’m sure she see’s her other children but again their dad did not want that portion on the show.) So she made a few mistakes in her young life that may have lost her custody of her kids. obviously she is attempting to change. Regardless of how cultured and how classy..who wouldn’t have offered to kick Kim’s ass? Since my other favorite DeShaun did not have enough “drama” for them. I hope they do better than NeNe and Sheree/Sherae or whatever the hell her name is…Kim represents her race well 🙂 (lol) She can stay.

  • Jersey Girl

    atl was good lisa and i like you but there is nothing like a jersey girl. atl just came out of nowhere so fall back and enjoy your fame boo.

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