Dirty Tiger Diaries: Did Lindsey Vonn Really Leave Tiger Woods Over Compulsive Creeping?

- By Bossip Staff

Tiger Woods’ Breakup Prompted By Cheating

News broke last week that Tiger Woods and girlfriend of three years Lindsey Vonn called it quits due to their hectic conflicting schedules. But word has it that the REAL reason the two “amicably split” is because Tiger is still in these streets getting extra amicable with random ladies of the evening when he’s out on tour. Via MailOnline:

Daily Mail Online can now exclusively reveal that during one of those ‘times apart’ Tiger cheated on Lindsey – with a ‘faceless, nameless woman’, a friend reveals.

‘He had a relapse in the sex department,’ a close friend reveals to Daily Mail Online. ‘Lindsey found out about women again. Always while he’s on the road. Just like when he was with Elin.’

It was after Tiger was eliminated from the San Diego-based Farmers Insurance Open in February, somewhere near his old stomping grounds in Southern California,that Tiger had a one night stand, the friend divulged.

‘He withdrew from Farmers. You have to understand, while it’s not right, it’s not really wrong either. Tiger isn’t married. He doesn’t really drink or do drugs. So what else does he have when he can’t afford to lose again? He is allowed to find some relief.

Tiger apparently likes to cover his bases by paying for the poon — only going for top dollar hookers who’ll stay quiet. But this time, he was spotted and decided to come clean.

‘Most men would drink over such losses.Tiger has sex over it. Usually with local hookers whom he pays exorbitant amounts to, probably so they will want repeat business and won’t tell.’

Michelle Braun, a former Hollywood madame revealed that between 2006 and 2007 Tiger paid upwards of $40,000 for six ‘pay-for-sex dates.’ But this time he was spotted with the woman.

‘When Tiger realized he was seen, he became concerned and eventually he decided to confess to Lindsey. Something he didn’t do with Elin. He came clean and I give him credit for that.

‘Yes, Tiger cheated again. But it wasn’t with anyone special. He really wanted Lindsey to be the one. But he blew it again. He can’t help himself. He’s got an addiction. He relapsed,’ says the friend. ‘Knowing Tiger, he doesn’t even see it as cheating because there’s no romance or feeling there. It’s just a stress reliever, like a high-ball or two after a bad day.’

Lindsey wasn’t having any of that and went packing the moment he told her. Looks like Tiger’s back on the prowl. Ladies he’s still one of the highest paid athletes in the world…any takers?

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