Ben Carson Delivers Speech With Missing Tooth

Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Loses His Tooth In A Ham Biscuit — Gives Speech With His New Gap

- By Bossip Staff

Ben Carson Delivers Speech With Missing Tooth

While hitting the campaign trail for his 2016 presidential bid, Dr. Ben Carson had a little mishap at a BBQ Ham spot that left him without his front tooth. But while most people would have cancelled their public appearance and rushed to the dentist’s office…Ben decided his (more than likely inflammatory) public address needed to be heard no matter what.

Via TMZ:

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson does not lack wisdom, but incisors are a different story.

The Republican hopeful — who made a name for himself in 1987 as the first neurosurgeon to separate twins conjoined at the head — was stumping at Tommy’s Country Ham House in Greenville, South Carolina where he chowed down on scrambled eggs, grits and ham biscuits when he noticed a bonus on his plate … his front tooth had fallen out.

The good doc stared into his plate, thought for a second then discretely placed the errant chomper into his shirt pocket.

Carson then stood up and delivered an impassioned speech … with a hint of whistle.

Now, that is dedication. Taking his cues from Momma Dee and pushing through without all his teeth in their proper location might just get him far in the Presidential race…




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