Ciara Didn’t Dig the Prom

- By Bossip Staff

For some reason, we can imagine CiCi at the prom in a pair of boots and fatigues doin’ dance routines with her friends. Pop the hood for CiCi’s prom memories

Back in high school, Army brat Ciara and her family settled down in Atlanta, where she wasn’t very into partying. Come prom season, Ciara didn’t sit out the festivities altogether, but she also wasn’t the life of the prom party.

“I would have to say that my memories of prom would be that I really didn’t have the best of prom experiences,” she told MTV News. “But I didn’t have the worst, either!”

Ciara said that back then, she didn’t feel comfortable with the social politics of high school. “I don’t have moments where I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh!,’ ’cause I really wasn’t into partying when I was younger,” she said. “And everyone seemed to be cliquey. I just partied in my own world.”

Ciara does admit that no matter what, she tried to have a good time. “I will say [that at] every prom, I made sure I had fun,” she said. “But I don’t have the most exciting memories.”

We don’t feel sorry for CiCi at all. Prom sucks for just about everybody.


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  • a darius somewhere


  • a darius somewhere

    oh and im 1st…i felt wack saying it like that meant somthing,lol

  • Emmanuel Lewis

    Darius, you are uggggllllllly!!!

  • a darius somewhere

    webster dont hate man, u must not know who i is. beetlejuice is the name, google dat and then holla back at a playa, playa!!

  • Moreaces

    I swear she looks like Wanda Sykes(sp) daughter

  • Emmanuel Lewis

    Ya I know who you are, Beetlejuice. You are about the same height as me!

  • noelle

    Huh? Didn’t she go to prom on BET looking nice, with a nice date, seeming to have fun???? smh

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  • http://bossip justin

    she went to prom with monica brother

  • Vitamin D

    She always looks so old to me.

  • noelle

    May 21, 2009 – 11:01 am justin

    she went to prom with monica brother

    Either Atlanta is really small, or she has always had connects

  • http://BOOSYLITTLE Real Talk

    where are the hips? No matter how little you are you will have some type of curves. Look like a dude to me.

  • http://BOOSYLITTLE Real Talk

    Looks like she is trying to tuck and hide. LOL!

  • Ginger

    okay a story about nothing.. woooooowww

  • always knew

    I can’t believe Ciara chose 50 cent over Chris Brown..She likes her thugs…Remember that song SO What? I guess that’s how she’s rolling…



    Ciara stop lying, girl. I could have sworn I saw you on either BET or MTV at your prom. I thought to myself “jailbait.” It was on t.v.!

  • prettyblackg

    ciara looked a lot better when she first came out

  • kahmmillion

    What’s up with the Robocop arms?

  • Moms

    STOP HATING!!!:)

  • slimj

    cici looks like a drag queen in that outfit

  • Mrs. RL (of Next)

    @ a darius somewhere

    Lol. Your gravatar makes my stomach hurt. And not in the “I’m laughing so hard” sense. More like, “I want to throw up my lunch” sense.

    @ Moreaces


  • Sasha

    @ Ginger

    I agree they must be short on stories no Kim K today?LOL

  • Brenadette



    @ moreaces…

    wow, she does look like kin to wanda sykes!

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    To the person who left a comment saying, “Where are the hips? Certified Dude.”

    Just because she’s not really curvy, doesn’t mean that she’s not a woman. There are different body types when it comes to women’s bodies.

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