Why, Steebie? 11 Burning Questions For The Stevie J And Joseline ‘Music’ Video?

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11 Burning Questions For The Stevie J And Jozeline ‘Music’ Video

In case you missed it, Joseline and Steebie dropped an…interesting…video. And we have a gang of questions. They’re burning.

Why can’t they title their video? I don’t know what this song is called or anything. It just says “Joseline and Stevie J” and that seems struggly.

Bewbs. Um…Is it us or does she look like that Russian chick from Kick-A$$ 2?

Is Stevie J having a seizure in the background? He’s not dancing is he?

Stevie J..you trying to look like Macho Man on purpose?

Wow, Joseline, we didn’t know what you looked like buck naked…who else didn’t know?


Does this face give you nightmares?

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    James Harden plays the bass?


    Does THIS face give you nightmares?


    Wait…are they in the westerns or modern times? Is this the 1800s or 2015 Stone Mountain?


    Remember when people said that Joseline and Rihanna might look alike? Do you still think that?

    Bonus: LULZ

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