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Robin Givens is hurting. The Feds say she is in the hole over $290,000 and about to get her assets placed on lien:

With her first marriage to boxer Mike Tyson lasting just one year and a second marriage falling apart in less than one day, actress Robin Givens has been unlucky in love. She’s now also unlucky in taxes. The U.S. government has sued the 44-year-old actress over what it says is $292,000 of unpaid federal taxes, interest and penalties as far back as 1996. In a lawsuit filed last week, the feds asked the federal court in Tampa, Fla. to enter a formal judgment against Givens on 39 separate assessments covering eight of the 12 calendar years through 2007. Such a court finding would make it easier for the Internal Revenue Services to try to collect the allegedly unpaid amounts through garnishing her earnings or levying her assets, such as bank accounts.

The government’s petition states that Givens resides in Bradenton, near Tampa. News media reports say at least one of her two children has attended a school there, while other accounts say she shuttles between New York. Her Los Angeles-based agent, Darryl Marshak, confirmed Givens uses a Bradenton address but declined to comment on the lawsuit. No answer has been filed yet in court. According to the government lawsuit, Givens failed to pay $222,000 in federal taxes. The other $70,000 the government is demanding consists of interest and assorted penalties, including for failure to pay, underpayment of estimated tax and late filing. The pleading does not state what her total income or tax was for the years in question, nor the extent of any partial tax payments.

Givens is no stranger to trouble involving taxes. Public records show numerous state and federal tax liens against her over the years in New York, Florida and California. Many of the federal liens may be part of the new lawsuit against her. In some cases, the liens, which are claims to proceeds from real estate and other assets in the event of a sale, have been released, suggesting payments were made.

She should’ve gotten her baby moms on with a couple of high profile boxers. In all seriousness, this is a direct reflection on our economy. The good old days are over. The Government is on her @ss and they want their money. SMH




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