Jesus Take The Wheel

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Posted by Bossip Staff

One-time escorted Britney Spears to the hospital for ‘ridin dirty crazy again. This is not even funny, she needs to stop getting pimped by back-up dancers and papparazi, get off those rocks, and get some help.

Medical officials are checking to see if she is on rocks and performing a psychological evaluation. Poor thang.


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  • haha


  • bajan

    this girl needs help. how can people say beyonce and rihanna overrated when britney always on tv, radio, magazines, blogs, actin a fool?

    beyonce, rihanna, ciara, keyshia, etc. STAY CLEAR OF DRUGS. hold wanna heads up high.

  • Ohh Yeahh

    damn how many cars does this chick have?? Everytime I see her she either riding in a new car or at the gas station. At first it was funny but now its just sad. She need to pull a Michael Jackson and move to Moscow or something. Either that or be confined to a room with padded walls.

  • Ms. Lovely

    I just so do not care. Call my cynical but I think she is bored, mad at the world and just likes drama.

    We all have those friends that do stuff like that, the only difference is when Unfitney does it, it’s on the news.

    That ambulance needs to drop her back off at the trailer park.

    Ms. Lovely

  • Bankable P


  • MBoots

    This is a tragedy waiting to happen and everybody knows it.

  • Notahater

    poor girl…i hope she is finally getting help

  • Axelary

    she’s a HOT mess, this we know but in her defence with the accent, i feel her on that – i stayed with my british cousins for a summer and i was talking JUST LIKE THEM by the time i came back to yonkers – so, she’s sexing dude, so you know she has his accent all up in her [literally] .. but seriously, she needs to stay on that 5150 hold for a good year

  • facepainter

    I never was a fan of her music. But it is so obvious that she is mentally not well.

    Feel sorry for the kids …..I wonder if they will even remember her by the time she gets to see them.

    I will not join the bandwagon and cheer on her destruction…I think that is just straight evil. Many people have mentally unstable people in their families and they can understand that although her behavior is unacceptable she really is in need of medical help.

    25 years old and working in the business more than half her life. Most of that life played out in the public eye. Well I can understand that it is not easy…..she just couldn’t cope.Doesn’t seem as though the people closest to her where of any help either. Hope she gets better.

  • YES

    whatever she loves it she has found a ‘great’ way of stayin in the public eye without doing real workand we the public, consumers are eating this up and this makes us feel better about our lives, its entertaining. i’m not saying she doesn’t have mental problems she definetly has something unhinged in that head of hers but she is a smart cookie and she knows exactly what she is doing, she is forcing us to acknowledge her by doing crazy things, ‘accidently’ revealing private parts, public arguements and tears, dramatic court cases, abandonment of her kids. she is paying for all this attention with her soul and i hope a strong lethal dose of reality hits her before she does the ultimate and depart this world too soon before her time

  • Southern Belle 225

    I have always liked Brit Brit. I hope she is able to get it back together and again become the POP-tart that we all used to love.

  • J

    Where is her momma? I mean seriously. I read that her mother and father came to her house to talk to her, but she left. Even though I’m a grown woman, I think that my mom would get physical with me if I was doing crazy things like this. Her parents are probably afraid to do anything because she’s an adult, but just because you become an adult, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need parenting every now and then.

  • Scooby Dubious

    @ Ms. Lovely:gonna co-sign that (love that expression). This cretin would bite the heads off live chickens if it would keep her “famous.” It’s a sad state when the quality of your hangers-on sinks below the Kevin Federline. Who’ll she be rolling with next, Captain Lou Albano?

  • bella

    smh mus take 1 to kno 1….pitiful

  • braided beauty

    i see ehough of them dont have to know them!maybe you do!

  • bella

    God don’t like ugly baby…but God Bless U anywayz…lol

  • http://booboo@hotmail,com boo boo

    and he aint too crazy about pretty… and i sure aint going to arguing up on no britney post… Bless you too. lol!

  • bella

    muahz itz all love…agree 2 disagree–thas America LOL

  • TruffSAYA

    SMFH… I wish they would keep this chick COMMITTED & call it a day!

  • crazychris

    can britney please overdose already.

  • http://MillonaireRomance Mike

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