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British Banker Sues, Says Employer Ran Company Like ‘Wolf Of Wall Street,’ Subjected Her To Racist Comments Over Black Boyfriend

This is pretty appalling stuff…

According to NY Post reports:

The wife of an NFL player says she worked in a real-life “Wolf of Wall Street’’ office where co-workers sexually harassed her and openly mocked her marriage to a black man.

“How many cheerleaders has your boyfriend f–ked today?” Philippa Okoye, 27, who is white, said her boss sneered at her at their deVere Group office in Manhattan, according to a new federal lawsuit.

Referring to Okoye’s now-husband, British Olympic athlete and San Francisco 49er defensive tackle Lawrence Okoye, the boss allegedly added, “He’s probably f–ked the whole cheerleading squad by now.’’

Higher-up Benjamin Alderson “made it known that he wanted to model [their] office on the ‘Boiler Room’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ films,’’ Philippa’s suit says.

Philippa says she was the only woman in the Midtown office when she was hired as a senior investment adviser in October 2013.

Surrounded by about 21 male co-workers, she was exposed to sexist antics the first day, she said.

“So can you handle the banter or are you going to be a woman about it and be sensitive?’’ Alderson snipped, she said.

Philippa said that another time, a worker near her announced, “I think it’s disgusting when white women go out with black guys.’’

A second worker said, “Don’t change your surname [to Okoye] if you marry Lawrence, because people will think you’re black,’’ she said.
“Yeah, and that’s not good for business,’’ Alderson allegedly added.

Philippa said that when she complained to Alderson, he seethed, “This is why I didn’t want women in the office.’’

Philippa says she was demoted and fired. She is suing for damages.

SMH. That’s just crazy! The Okoyes seem like such a nice wholesome swirl couple. Do you think she’ll win this fight? How much should the company have to pay up?



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