The Saggy Pants Debaters

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Posted by Bossip Staff

There is debate on Dr. Phil on whether or not baggy or saggin pants are appropriate. Here are some views from the Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc and Kaine:

D-Roc’s opinion: “I really do dislike people who have their drawers all showing,” D-Roc says. “I wear too-big pants, but having it off my behind? No. My mama raised me right. I wear my pants above my waist. If I see someone wearing their pants like that, me personally, I’m like ‘Get away from him. He’s probably got a pistol or something on him. If you can’t give me one good reason why you’re saggin’ your pants, you need to pull your pants up!

Somebody who intentionally has their boxing drawers showing, and you don’t know how long they been wearing their boxing drawers — they look kind of dingy — that ain’t cool. I have kids myself, and this is really wrong. If I’m out with my little girl, and here he comes, showing his boxing drawers, I’m like ‘Oh, Baby, that’s not the right way to dress. That’s not how real men dress.’”

Kaine’s opinion:“I wear the baggy pants,” Kaine says. “If I choose to show my boxers a little bit, so what? I’m grown. You can wear your clothes like you want to wear them. People shouldn’t be so judgmental about what they see. A lot of people don’t know these people. They’re just looking at them and jumping the gun.”

Interesting, which one is D-Roc again?

Click here for more. It’s under the “Is Hip Hop to Blame?” link.

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  • Bankable P


  • Bankable P

    i just don’t like seeing the boxers w/holes in them. Yes, I’ve seen people, in Atlanta, with the pants hanging down and then you look at the boxers and oopps! there’s a hole!

    If you gonna show the boxers, make sure it’s a BRAND NEW pair and they look cute.

  • V

    This entire subject & commentary from the latter is a waste of time. Waste.

  • Billie

    It’s not a good look. Kinda makes you look like you wish you were a little boy, too little for your clothes. Kinda leads into how you might be presenting as just another poor black men, missin they daddy…

    NOT manly.

    On the other hand, the young ladies showing their thongs are… kinda ho-ey.

    NOT a good look. That’s why they call it UNDERwear.

  • Momo

    Hopefully anyone walking around with their boxers showing is under the age of 19 and hopefully they will snap out of that ridiculousness as they get older.

  • elle

    I don’t like the style at all.

    You don’t walk correctly, you don’t stand correctly.

    It looks sloppy and there is something about seeing a young man’s/ older man’s brief/boxers/ass form that is just not appealing.

    You look like midgets from the back, pockets down near your knees.

    Just not an overall good look.

    I love fashion but this trend, I can’t wait for it to pass.

    I like seeing men/young men stand with proud stature.

    Representing themselves with posture and a good amount of self respect.

  • Southern Belle 225

    okay, D-Roc seems to have a little since. however, kaine needs to sit down somewhere. this has nothing to do with being judgemental. wearing your pants so low that you can see one’s underwear is just stupid and uncessary, point blank. if you don’t have a good reason (because there isn’t one) to do this, then why do it? and with that being said, all of you guys walking around doing that look retarded and we can say whatever we want about you because you left that door open.

  • bree

    BOXING DRAWERS? is that a southern term? commentart from the ying yang twins? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Southern Belle 225

    oh, i meant to say sense and not since….

  • bree


  • Southern Belle 225

    oh and i meant unnecessary. dayum i can’t spell this morning.

  • http://www.myspace.comalobienduro NextTopModel

    guess who’s bizackkkk

  • Mr. Look Good In Anything

    This is one fad that just won’t die…I mean, I’m 27 and cats been saggin’ for like 15 years that I can remember!! I just don’t get it…especially when you’re sagging to the point that you gotta walk “bowlegged” to keep your pants from falling off…I would say something about “our people,” but the white kids are doing it too…smh

  • Dawn

    I agree with southern Bellem there is not reason for any male your or old to dress like that, it does make you look sloppy and crazy because you have to keep puling them up everytime you walk or run. I’m from ATL and I see it all the time. I also have a son and I stay on him about that all the time.

  • Mr. Look Good In Anything


    Yeah, “boxer draws” (as it’s said here in the south) is indeed a southern term…

  • SBM

    lol the problem is too many kids see these celebrities saggin and they don’t know they accompany that sag with a ferrari…in the real world pull up your pants or buy bigger ones and let them be, but don’t sag

  • bree

    @ mr. look good..i was asking if BOXING drawers were the southern term..boxer drawers are the COMMON term

  • SBM

    lol you know them cats who still rock shell-toes or dunks to the office, cause they spent all their money on street clothes and just assimilating into the corporate world…

  • SBM

    that would be me….

  • Southern Belle 225

    @SBM…exactly, my friend was going on 30 and sagging so low that he had to walk with his legs extremly far apart so his pants wouldn’t fall. that made no sense to me. and no, he did not have a ferrari or anyother “showpiece” vehicle to accompany his sag.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @SBM..don’t talk about the shell toes dawg! my brother has like 10 pair right now. and yes, he did spend all his hustle money on street clothes!! He is ghetto but I gotta love him…LOL

  • V

    I’m just touchy that along the bottom of my screen says:

    Sagging Floors Sagging Eyelids Sagging Skin Sagging..

    I’m glad it stopped right there, lol. If my screen was any wider I think it would have gotten more graphic, ridiculous & plain foolish.

    I mean come on Google…

  • Mr. Look Good In Anything


    Ah, my bad! Never heard of “boxing” drawers…I just call ’em boxers. The word drawers seems like it should only be said be people over 60…

    What up, SBM? Sorry the whole proposal thing didn’t work out for ya…lol.

  • V

    What really grinds my gears is when somebody is sagging & they have on more than one pair of undergarments. I mean some of these guys have on:

    1. Basketball shorts

    2. Boxers

    3. Under Armor tights

    4. Regular tights

    I know that have to be bat bony to pull that off & I know they prunes be hot in all that packaging. My friend and I were cracking up at this dude, he had on 2, maybe 3 pair of undergarments not including his jeans.

  • Momo

    Grown folks who sag…..where do they work?

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