The Saggy Pants Debaters

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There is debate on Dr. Phil on whether or not baggy or saggin pants are appropriate. Here are some views from the Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc and Kaine:

D-Roc’s opinion: “I really do dislike people who have their drawers all showing,” D-Roc says. “I wear too-big pants, but having it off my behind? No. My mama raised me right. I wear my pants above my waist. If I see someone wearing their pants like that, me personally, I’m like ‘Get away from him. He’s probably got a pistol or something on him. If you can’t give me one good reason why you’re saggin’ your pants, you need to pull your pants up!

Somebody who intentionally has their boxing drawers showing, and you don’t know how long they been wearing their boxing drawers — they look kind of dingy — that ain’t cool. I have kids myself, and this is really wrong. If I’m out with my little girl, and here he comes, showing his boxing drawers, I’m like ‘Oh, Baby, that’s not the right way to dress. That’s not how real men dress.’”

Kaine’s opinion:“I wear the baggy pants,” Kaine says. “If I choose to show my boxers a little bit, so what? I’m grown. You can wear your clothes like you want to wear them. People shouldn’t be so judgmental about what they see. A lot of people don’t know these people. They’re just looking at them and jumping the gun.”

Interesting, which one is D-Roc again?

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