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Okay now things are really heating up between BDR, Julie Henderson and his ex, Katie Post. Julie knows she started some mess with that “stop hatin’ on my special relationship” post she put up the other day. Peep BDR’s ex, Katie’s take on it all

After reading Julie Henderson’s blog where she confesses to not be a “golddigging ho” but rather a sensitive advocate for the plight of the poor in the Black community (as long as the poor aren’t former girlfriend’s like moi, who are staying with her “special friend” of 4 months– a timeline that when I questioned Russell about led to an amazing explanation that included creative mathematical manipulations, “leap years”, philosphising over the debate over the “roman vs the jewish calender” etc etc). Men!

One of my favorite insults is calling a White girl (insert slurred words): “You stupid, White, stringy haired bit*ch”. My best friend Rachel loves it when I start throwing that one around.

There is nothing wrong with being a Black woman who has just lost a Black man to a White woman and saying “Now he’s with that White B*tch”. Just like there is nothing wrong with pointing out after your younger husband who you wrote a book about and it turned into a very popular movie “that gay motherf*cker played me like a fool” when you find out that he’s in fact, gay.

Some times a White Stringy Haired b*tch is a White Stringy Haired b*tch. Sometimes we should stop being afraid to say what we feel. Sometimes people call you something that hurts.

Sounds like BDR was double dippin’. Damn, Russell. Speak your mind Katie but don’t go too far just in case you might need a loan from BDR down the road. SMH

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