Michael Jackson Exposes His Jack O’ Lantern Mug While Visiting Medical Clinic

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Jackson was seen in in L.A. the other day, with no mask on, leaving what is believed to be a cancer clinic:

Michael Jackson was pictured without his usual surgical mask as he left a medical facility in Los Angeles yesterday. The singer smiled briefly for photographers outside the Bedford Medical building wearing a bright red jacket. The purpose of Jackson’s visit was not clear, although reports over the weekend claimed he was suffering from skin cancer.
The singer was diagnosed with the disease last month following a medical check up, according to The Sun newspaper. But the claims were denied by Jackson’s spokesman, Dr Tohme Tohme, as “not true”. He told the New York Daily News that Jackson was “great”, adding: “He’s in perfect health … he doesn’t have any diseases whatsoever.” Jackson is due to make his comeback this summer with a 50-night residency at London’s O2 Arena. Jackson, now 50, is due to begin the gigs in July and perform until next February. He is currently in rehearsals. The singer has not performed a full concert since he was cleared of child molestation charges in 2005.

His last full tour, entitled HIStory, took place in 1996 and ’97.

Folks do not want Mike to touch the stage again!

What do you think? Is Michael going to see this show out, or for that matter, will he even make it to the first performance?


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  • Awesome-O-3000 (Awesome is as Awesome does)

    I’m still amazed at how he just changed color like the paint people put on there cars.

  • DameCash

    Get up to $1500 today


  • Jersey


  • Valian Thor

    His hideous face alone can put people IN THE CLINIC!!!

  • Mookie

    I woke up for this bullsh*t

  • mrs. jones

    Is he bringin back the thriller jacket, lmao?

  • SuperHuman

    thriller is as thriller does

  • dizzy

    damn…..yall couldve used a better picture…he looked actually rather clen yesterday with the black and gold on.

  • Real Dawg

    I wished this sick child molesting freak would just DIE. I’mm sick of seeing his gross face.

  • Adult She

    I feel bad for Micheal J. because he worked very hard for his career and this is what it has come to. I think this come back will not go well for him because I am inclined to believe his health is not 100%. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lye.

    I always said that he seemed to have loved white folks and it would be white folks that bring him down and that has happened just like I had always believed.

    I think this so called come back will end up being a embarrassment on his career history. Stop while you can still keep your head up.

  • tennis

    Hey Realdawg,

    Why so hateful! If you don’t like what you see stop looking? By the way, I would love to go to London and see Michael in concert.

  • Real Dawg

    He’s a sick freak and any of his followers are as well.

  • ThaHoleTruth


  • http://mockrockstar.ning.com Mock Rock Star

    Michael was like, “I’m not going to let U all sell my Trademark “Beat-It” Jacket!!! LOL for real!!!

  • Yvonne

    Dr Tohme Tohme need to stop lying about the health of MJ. MJ looks bad period. If MJ is in perfect health why is going back and forth to a clinic all the time?

    What gets me is people really expect this man to perform like he did a decade ago. I read he has already pushed the day of his first concert back. He will always be the king of pop but his days on stage are over.

  • tennis


    Stop spreading hate it ok we just like his music

  • seek the truth

    Michael Jackson is not a child molester,stop beleiving the stinking lying press and read the court documents from the trial.Jordy Chandler, the boy from the 1993 accusations had a chance in 2005 to go to court and testify against mj.the district attorney pleaded with him to testify the dirty media hyped it up, this was his chance to put away mj. What did he do?catch a plane flight with the extortion money his family got from Michael Jackson’s insurance company to hide out until the trial was over.in the financial settlement documents mj sign back in 93 he maintain his innocence , the document also stated that the family is free to go ahead with the criminal case.The family sign of on both parts but NEVER went on to prosecute someone they say molested their son.MJ unfortunately got to close with a greedy family who was caught up in a costody battle.Michael jackson may be a lot of things to different people , but a child molester he is not.

  • bcan

    i feel sorry for michael jackson. to have to live practically his entire life in a fish bowl and to support (besides janet) his damn near whole family…that’s alot for anyone. i don’t believe the child molesting accusations. is he gay? perhaps. but hell, do we really care about who he sleeps with at night? but can i just get another song like butterflies or human nature up out you?

  • Honit Sinti

    Michael was blessed with god-given talent and has entertained and inspired millions of people all over the world for decades. Haters, what YOU done?

  • http://Bossip THRILLER?

    Why is Michael Jackson still wearing that Beat It jacket?

  • Suzie

    see what u guys did. You stupid Real dawg person whoeer u r. You r not cool at all. You wished fr michael jackson to die and he died r u ahppy now. idiot. All these negative comments u guys r making caused Michael to become like this. he has amazing talent. Take in the good for him no the bad

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