The Game’s Mom is a G

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a clip of The Game’s mom cussing out Spider Loc via voicemail. Damn, Mama Game got some gutter gums. Watch the clip to listen to her rant about sucking di*k in the hood, gang beef, etc. all while Spider Loc counts a “stack” consisting of three 20 dollar bills and a few ones.

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  • davidhtown


  • davidhtown

    damn i never knew it would feel THIS good to be 1st!!!


    **gutter gums**


  • Y

    I heard that spider JOKE altered this audio..

  • I'm Just Me

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….she gets respect all across the board. Red or Blue…it don’t matter. That ish is crazy…she seems more gutter than her Sun…I still remember him on Change of Hearts with the blonde hair and the tongue ring….that didn’t seem too gutter to me at all!

  • nugman

    Cali hands down produces the best black people period! 😆

  • Southern Belle 225

    LMAO @gutter gums!

  • Dolla Bill

    Mama’s keepin it gangsta! LOL


    loose weight naturally…

    He had to learn it from someone.

  • tracy

    Good gugga mugga!! Was that really a grown woman speaking like that???? Woooooooooooooooooooooooow.

    Imagine if you bumped into her on the train – sounds like she would probably clock you dead in the face. mmph mmph mmph.

  • Li'l Fizzy Razquez Boogmarion

    Yo, yo, yo! check out my MAD stacks of… um… forty three dollars, yo! I’m SKRAIT pimpin’!

  • Phoenix

    Spider Loc just had to make sure they filmed him counting his “stacks,” which wasn’t all that impressive. He starts counting it when the voice mail starts and the video is recording then stops counting (though there wasn’t very much to count) when the message is done. Dumb rappers always trying impress someone no matter how little they got.

    Doesn’t Spider Loc know in the rules of rap beefing, you don’t diss anyone’s parents or kids.? Judging by that little stack, it seems Spider Loc is in need of funds being that G-Unit doesn’t give any push

  • It's Me

    He look like he was smiling on the outside and crying on the inside. Wow … Mom’s was mad using all kinds of words and Oh yea she’s a G.

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    He got little dollars based on how he kept counting the same few bills over and over. It’s not that hard to count about $87.00 by the looks of it.

  • imdone

    Lovely. Black pride at its best.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Yes she is a real G!!!! He’s know not to fcc’ with her and yes she is harder and realer then her son!!!

    Don’t mess with a real G!

  • Lisa

    I am curious so still some celebrities and rich people feel lonely.

    I found them on a millionaire&celeb dating site called””last night.

  • Miss K

    She ripped his ugly, broke ass!!

  • marla williams

    im NOT madd at MAMA!! SPIDER stop hate n on the GAME and go get a real job because RAPPIN is not paying you enough $$ stop Counting that money you should only count money like that when you have STACKS in front of you with all $100 dollar bills in the stack.! you BROKE NI$$A…..

  • Dee

    she real classy. game should be proud.

  • Kompton'sKutie

    @Kai. watch ur mouth! I Luv His Mamma all day, everyday!

    LMAO! Yes! Don’t mess with her baby, cause she will bring it to you! She a rider! LOL! Luv Her!

    This broke negro keep recounting $1’s. I cant stand that Ugly Piece of S***!

  • Kompton'sKutie


    U aint funny!!!! N he is very proud, because she is GOOD PEOPLE!

  • Roni

    Damn! That’s a down ass mom!! I hope she kicks his ass!!

  • dogworld

    woah woah shes like 3 niggers all in one

  • Jay

    spider loc’s broke ass….damn I hate broke negroe’s frontin like the stackin paper. Ain’t NEVA had no hit….when’s your album comin out mixtape queen?

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