JR Smith Calls Caitlyn Jenner A Science Project On Instagram

Hi Hater: JR Smith Disses Caitlyn Jenner On Instagram And Calls Her A ‘Science Project’

- By Bossip Staff

JR Smith Calls Caitlyn Jenner A Science Project On Instagram

Cavs baller and perpetual fawkboi JR Smith recently blasted Caitlyn Jenner as a ‘science project’ after Akon debuted his intiative in Africa to provide solar energy to millions.

Via USA Today:

Days after Vanity Fair released its cover featuring Caitlyn Jenner, Cavaliers guard JR Smith appeared to repost an Instagram photo calling Jenner a ‘science project’.

The post, which has since been deleted, invoked one of many ridiculous and-or debates made in the wake of Jenner’s introduction of her new self to the world, like the debate over her winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award over someone that Business Insider pointed out wasn’t actually a runner-up because that’s not something that ESPN announces.

But more importantly, Smith’s post misinformed and bigoted. The discussion of what the media covers and what we don’t is a fair one — though we’d of course argue that Jenner is worth our time. Calling her a ‘science project’, however, is something that Smith should know better than to do. After all, for a guy who seems comfortable with teammates, fans and people from all over the world, it’s shocking that someone different from him could scare him so much.

Do you think celebrities should be criticizing Caitlyn Jenner or should they just be politically correct and STFU?!?



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