Kimmy Taught Her: Which Black Athlete Is Already Looking To Take Caitlyn Jenner Out On A Date?

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Dennis Rodman Offers To Take Caitlyn Jenner Out On A Date

Is Caitlyn Jenner already out here catching ballers? If any NBA star has a real understanding of Bruce’s affinity for ladies’ clothing and Caitlyn’s desire for acceptance, it’s Dennis Rodman. He recently spoke out saying how much society’s view has changed in the last 20 years…and also says that if Caitlyn is indeed into guys, he’d love for her to hit his phone.

Via TMZ:

Bruce Jenner would have had his “a** handed to him” if he came out as a transgender woman back in the ’90s … so says someone who spent a lot of time in women’s clothing, Dennis Rodman.

The Worm just called in to “TMZ Hollywood Sports” and says he’s extremely proud of the way people are accepting Caitlyn … and says society has come a LOOONG way in just a few short decades.

In fact, Rodman says he specifically remembers spending HOURS trying to talk Sports Illustrated into letting him pose on the cover in women’s clothing back in 1995.

Now, Dennis says he thinks Jenner is breaking down some huge barriers for the LGBTQ community — telling us, “A lot of athletes will come out now and say they’re gay. Watch.”

And with Caitlyn saying she’s still trying to figure out her sexual preference, Rodman has a message for the 65-year-old — “If you wanna go on a date with me brotha, let me know.

That Kardashian mojo rubbed off well. These two definitely have a lot of common ground. They’d probably actually make good buddies…that is if he doesn’t actually end up helping her break in those brand new lady bits!

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